September Thoughts

I have been here and there and everywhere that I am going to leave you with a super random post -- more of like a summary of my first week of the -ber month.

  • Telling me negative stuff about certain people wouldn't do much damage to that person -- it actually damages your credibility to me. You're like a balloon that keeps on shrinking and the person that you are talking nasty about keeps on floating higher. ;) Better think twice before pouring out your words on me. Better reserve that needle for sewing buttonholes and stop pricking your own skin.
  • Less time on work, more time for play. Unless your work is your life. Yahoo!
  • Swiping is an addictive act. Should write more reviiiieeeewwwss. 
  • I am now convinced that 5-inch heels and alcohol don't mix. You wouldn't want Hydrogen Peroxide bubbling your booboo out. It's not a great way to start the day. 
  • Some engineers can nurse better than actual nurses. Baha. ;) Well, case-to-case basis. 
  • A booboo can actually change your office fashion statement and can encourage you to throw in a new fashion find in your closet. But, don't be overjoyed -- it can change the way you walk, too. 
  • Wedding invites should be out soon. Work your cute ass off, A. 
  • Spontaneity is a good thing. ;)
  • Feeling excited about the days to come? Having gazillion things enter your mind? It's a good sign. Go on.
  • Families are always the best. Supportive all the way. 
  • I am so dying to know A I just don't have the luxury of time to have a PLL marathon these nights. I am so going to find out who A is. 
  • You'll know it when you're ready. You'll know because it feels right.
  • Note to Self: Show up on food tasting invites. You're wasting good times and potential food blog posts. 
  • Note to Self: Please start reading The Great Gatsby. And the other books that you have started reading. Finish them off.
  • It's never too early to buy a 2013 Planner on August 2012, especially if it is Paolo Coehlo inspired.
  • Note to Self: Sleep now. Gotta wake up early tomorrow and pick out a dress. Boohoo.
  • I will be able to run again and play Ultimate Frisbee.
Night, people. Sorry I suck at Time Management and Multitasking nowadays.

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