And since we're out

Last night, the Facebook like notification from my mother, yes, you have read it correctly, my mother, made me realize that you can never trust connecting your social networking accounts with the few online applications that you use.

Last night, I had this urge to edit some pictures over at Then, upon finishing my masterpiece, I wanted to tweet it. So I pressed some buttons and viola. Picture posted. However, I forgot that my Facebook account has also been linked with this app and there goes the private picture that I have edited. Boo ya.

A couple of minutes later and friends were already liking my uploaded pictures. What can I do? Delete it? Nah, the speculations after that conceived plan would not be cool for me and the person with me in the picture. And so.. Since we're out. Okay. Here. I have to share here too. xD Thanks to my careless act last night.

That's me with chinky eyes with him, J! We both got z's in our names, y'all! =) I can finally write about candy sprinkles on donut tops, marshmallow floating on hot cocoa on a rainy day, the silver moon hovering up above the starlit sky again. Those kind of stuff. =D So, brace yourself. Uhm, I change my mind. Will be writing it on my other blog, the one that you can't view because you might find it totally cheesyyyy and might not want to visit my blog again.

Here's what happened.

We hang out because we have a mutual friend. 

And we started hanging out without them. Haha. =P

And time seems to fly out fast when we're together.

So, I guess we like each other pretty much.

Great, right? But here's a better news -- it's only


And for this, 

And for that one friend who tagged me along to that house party which started it all. 

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