Goodbye, November

It's been ages, my dearies. I felt like I've been like a smooth blue pebble, helpless and fragile, along the riverside. I've been drifting away with the water that's kissing the shore. Even the weakest wave could draw shattering creaks in my world.

Anyhow, I have been busy with work and other thingamajigs. As usual. And the internet connection have been cutting my patience thread. This afternoon has got me going though -- the Globe Internet offers are really good and it only takes 3-5 days for installation. Looking forward to a whole new chapter of awesome online life. Cheers. And to my future Asus laptop. *cross fingers*

What have I been up to?

CVT2 Group Outing

We bought one of those vouchers from Ensogo and we had FUN in Amansinaya in Tagaytay. The ride was curvy and dizziness didn't fail to disrupt my happy mood. The food in there was great -- crispy pata, kare kare, and uhm, a lot more. I wall climbed (halfway since my arms hurt and because I am impatient to get to the top), went for the mudslide (yeah, cool ride), tried the zipline (for the first time), bathe under the waterfall and swam! Really fun day!

Pool Party with the People Dear to Me

It's J's (the sexy wittiweew one in the Zalora-shopped black and pink bikini) birthday and we are spending it in Pansol. Pool party, people. It's with my kapamilya. Food is great. My hand need to stand the heat just to turn the barbecue sticks. I have to cut some invites during the first hour of the swimming galore since I need to give them to the lovely couple who are going to be wed this December. Sorry I have to cut them while drinking beer, but nothing terrible happened. Invites were still simple, elegant and neat (nagbubuhat ng sariling banko, haha). I dipped in the pool eventhough I was not supposed too. *Cough* The mixquilla, Heineken beer, Mudslide and four hours of sleep the night before (because of the wedding invites) got the best of me. I fell asleep during the climactic parts of the party. Well done, Aiz. Thanks to J for taking care of me <3 .=".">

Wedding Invite Gig

Thanks to A who introduced me to this really cool way of doing an envelope. When I did a preliminary design, everything seemed so easy. I made one in just 5 minutes tops and I concluded that making copies of it were -- well, easy and chicken feed. Turned out I was wrong. My body hurt and I spent sleepless nights on the wedding invites. I want every one to be perfect. I was so lame for not taking a decent picture of the invite. Boohoo. I'll try to borrow one again from my officemate. Disappointments crossed my path when I can't find the perfect paper for the envelope, but I found another way. Should blog about this separately though. 

So, that's what I was doing last November plus the crazy projects and the battles with my slacker side. I have sooooo much to share though. Good thing we had the Globe DSL net installed today and I am loving the speed. This explains why I am staying up late tonight. That's all for tonight, got tons to do online. Baha. Talk to you soon, doves. 

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