Technicality kills creativity

I am not particularly sure if you would agree with me when I say that technicality kills creativity, but this proves to be true in my case. I guess you'll get tired when I start with the I am a    f r e e    s p i r i t   trapped in a technical world drama because I can rant all I want about this in my blog, yet, you can point out that I am doing nothing about it. And this slacking off can be the the discrepancy in my dream weaver. But let me rant about this because: (a) I want to, (b) This is my blog, (c) I feel inspired in writing about this and this could be a potential spark to my infinite spark and (d) This write up could fill up my some space in my portfolio. 

Here are the premises which proves my argument to be true.

When I am busy with my project in the office, I blog less. After having been exciting my neurons with what might cause my test board to fail the whole day, including lunch time (talking about it with my colleagues), my brain cells can go no further in opening my laptop, waiting for the s.l.o.w. internet connection to get its thing and type. I can only do activities that require less brain activity such as texting and watching chick flicks upon arriving at home.

When I write product reviews and consumer reviews, I blog less. Knoji will be the one to blame for a-blog-post-a-month motto that my blog currently holds. All these because I have some credit to clean up. Okay, so maybe the root cause is my uncontrollable urge in buying both essential and unessential things such as floral pants and five-inches heels and my ticket to my hometown and Paolo Coehlo 2013 Planner and extra food (oh my) and yeah, you get the picture. Need moolah, blog ignored.

When I am busy with my project in the office, I read less books. Reading soothes me by taking me to places that I have never been or places that I can never set foot in in my lifetime, by allowing me to meet eccentric, lovely, frightening characters. But, tell me, how can I ever enjoy a book if I could only close my eyes after I hit the sack. Tsk tsk.

When I live two hours from the metropolitan, I cannot attend blog events that I am dying to attend. So it happened to me SEVERAL TIMES now, I either decline food tasting invites or I miss launching events because I live so far from civilization!!! *Red face now* So, how can I fulfill my goal of being a full-time blogger? No pain, no gain. I know. I have to make a life choice. I know. I have to chase and grip my dreams right on their necks. I know. I have to live out the life that I want. I know! I am still chicken, I'm going to tell you when I get fried, errr, when I become a dove? (wth am I talking about?)

When I am a graduate of BSECE, then tell me, how can I get hired as a writer, the very position requires a Communication Arts Degree and the likes? Why am I asking you if I know the answer? Study. I had already made a counterattack on this one, but just haven't acted up on it. I will. I will. Next year. *Lousy smile with sleepy eyes and protruding mouth* xD

Ranting done, now signing off to write a product review. I wish. Okay, I need to doze off. Now.

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