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Mar 11, 2013

Hop Scotch.

I have been busy. Work. Offline and online. Mom's here. We're supposed to have fun, but work gets in the way. J is still the best <3 .="" all="" am="" and="" bigger="" but="" can="" chickened="" everytime="" get="" have="" him="" i="" in="" is="" kissed="" living="" middle="" mutter="" my="" night="" of="" on="" out.="" romance="" sometimes="" street="" that="" the="" whirls="" whirlwind="" wished="">woah. 
Credit card is eating my salary. First trip of the year coming up. Still inspired to work. Need to get over with the Wednesday reporting blah blah. Need to get a new job soon. Need to blog. Need to earn online more. Got 2 jobs now. I would have worked earlier tonight if mom weren't here, but I badly need the talk with the mom. ;) Some people still bitching out. Sometimes, I wanna scream Go f*** yourself right in front of their face. But, I breathe deeply and suck it all in. I can't give those words away because they're not me. I am forgiving. I can't have hatred control me. Lost my Php500 bill today. Tried paying it twice -- barbecue dinner and strawberry yogurt drink after, but all the bills seem missing. But, I feel like a million bucks realizing what I have now. Fabulous family. Fabulous friends. And J. And the other J. <3 attacking="" brain="" but="" cells="" coming="" conserve="" could="" debug="" do="" fabulous="" father="" finish="" for="" i="" in="" insomnia="" is="" me="" my="" need="" now="" office.="" p="" please="" the="" to="" tomorrow.="" up.="" weekend="" weeks="" what="" wish="" work="">


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