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Apr 8, 2013

Simply Blessed.

It's the sweet time of the year once again for me and for the people who love me. Seriously, guys, I have missed writing and blogging so much it hurts my head. It seems like I don't know how to write anymore. =/ I was busy -- with day job, online jobsss (juggling 4 jobs now, yes, I seriously need cash, hire me in oDesk ?? =D ), frisbee and J. ;) 2013 was a great year for me.

For most people, January is their new year, but for moi, it's April. So, help me strike out some goals that I have set out for myself last year, won't you? Leggo.

1. Lose the stomach fat. Do Ab Ripper X regularly, not everyday though. {Ermergahd. Complete fail. Totally. My stomach is transforming into a muffin top. It is like one right now.}
2. Join stocks.  {Did! However, I haven't given it that much focus and I would do so now.}
3. Buy a house for mom and dogs.  {Uh, nope. Just rent, but I felt it was close to buying.}
4. Finish at least 25 books. Classics and Contemporaries. Oh, And find Coffee with Oscar Wilde. {I can't tell how many I have finished in 1 year. 5? Poor, Aiz. Some titles include well yeah, Oscar Wilde, The Great Gatsby and Reinventing Claire. Have to do better than that.}
5. Snorkel in Coron. {Sadly, not this year. ;(}
6. Take breathtaking pictures in Vigan.{Yesssss! However, they're just okay. I can be very camera shy. Here's one.}

7. Enroll in a dance class. {It's every weekday afternoon, but I only get to attend when I am free. Sometimes, I go with my officemates. Yes, I drag them into the dance studio. I wish to upgrade my dance outfit though so I am thinking of doing it again.}

8. Travel outside the country with J, A, R, J, Y and other friends.{Hmmm, not gonna happen. Sometimes, you just need to let go of people because they consume you and they turn you into somebody you're not.}
9. Engage in local community outreach programs quarterly. {Did! Company-initiated, but volunteered to organize. Got to partner with a really great girl. I wish her the best and I wish she gets to see the world soon! I hope to visit them again! }
10. Buy frisbee cleats and join frisbee tournaments. {Yeahboy! :) I finally cut during tournaments. And, well, I have to improve on the passing though. My confidence level during a practice game is like the Great Wall of China, but on Tourneys, it's only a brick-high.}

11. Attend a retreat. {No, sadly. I want to go to some Flowyoga retreat though.}
12. Go to Tagaytay with aunts, mom, cousins as I promised them.{My cousins and mama weren't there, only my mom and two aunts, but it wasss funnnn! They're the ones who took care of me when I was young, now it is my turn. #soloflight mode muna, but one of my cousin's already going great in her job.}

13. Achieve clear skin. {I'm almost there!!!}
14. Earn a regular monthly income from online jobs.{I am. My only problem now is much lower rate (yes, I do have HIGHHHH expectations in my online career) andddd lazinessss. Ohmy! Like right now. I am not doing my job. Tsk. However, I can be in track again like a lightning. Beating deadlines is like my thing.}
15. Meet new people. {Uhm, I am not sure who I was referring to when I did this. (I used to strikethrough my goals as I have reached them. So?? I guess I met new friends in dance class? or Frisbee? Work? Oh yeah, his family too. =D }

16. Confess my sins.{=(}
17. Be published anywhere. Young blood, or anywhere else. {I guess I'm published but as a ghostwriter. Tsk. Too bad. Inspiration, come my way.}
18. Make sense, be serious at times and slow down on being peachy. {Oh yes. Definitely. ;) I wouldn't let others bring me down. This year, I definitely got this.}
19. Hopefully, start up a new wardrobe. {Hmmm, lagging down on this one.}
20. Talk openly about my faith, whether it's blogging or in person. {Slightly I am opening up. I need more courage, Lord.}
21. Do something about my career. {I am happy that my supervisor has realized my efforts. ;) And the change to the new team seems a positive move. I always think that I am a late bloomer. Gotta show them what I can do now that I am motivated and driven and strong. Detractors? I wish to do nothing to them, but pray for them instead. They badly need that instead of my rants about them in my blog.}
22. Play the piano once again. {I guess once. I so missed playing Yiruma in the piano. I have to get it from Laguna soon.}
23. Take my blogging to another level. Every blog especially personal, food blog, book, writing, dog. {I still think I am not accomplishing much on this. Let me try again this year.*cross fingers*}
24. Enroll in a short course in a real school. {I do enroll in short courses. Only online. I don't think I can make it in a real school? I just don't have clear visions of my future yet, aside from being a fabulous work-at-home mom.}
25. Date. But, I don't do blind dates. It should be with someone I know for some time. Someone I like. Someone I could talk to. Someone available. That's why nobody makes it to my list. My friends told me I should try something new. Haha. I mean, it's been years since my last date. And it has been five months. There's nothing wrong with dating, right? But I'm still kind of hesitant. I'm going to date before I turn 26. Haha. Promise. And this time, I wouldn't compromise. Ever. {I posted blind statements after the Date goal, however, because you guys can't activate the highlighting in my blog, you never got to read it. So, I am posting it here once again. Done with dating. Didn't even dated dated. I just went out with one guy who became my go-to guy for any/every, or well almost every thing. I wanna get cheesy at this point, but I guess I would just gross and bore you guys. Haha. Anyho, he's the greatest for putting up with me. ;)))) <3 p="">

I have accomplished 17 out of 25 goals -- 68%, 15% up than the last annual goal setting. Not bad. =) Twenty five, a fresh start. I felt how it is to live and how to be loved and how to love more and how to repay  bad deeds with a kinder heart and how to suck it up and work for your dreams. =)))

I figured out this is already a lengthy post. So, I am going to do another post for my 26 on 26.

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