Travel Diaries: Ilocandia Tour 2013

One item down on my Life List. Conquered Ilocandia and I'm seeing more possibilities that I am going back to the beautiful place. It's been weeks since the tour and I was such a slacker for not being able to do a blog post about it. So, here we go. Will be doing separate "technical" reviews for the Three Kings Travel and Tours (not so recommended) and for Hotel Asuncion (recommended).

First stop was in the Bell Tower Church. Just a trike away from where we've stayed in Vigan. Met up with the group there.

At the top of the bell tower. It was creeky and all, but we managed to take some pics.

Next stop is in Vigan. Trodded its most popular street -- Calle Crisologo. 

Remembered how I used to say that I would take interesting pictures in Vigan? Well, I failed. For one thing, we don't have our own camera and I found out that I was very camera shy. Tsk. 'Till my next travel. 

We also got to visit Baluarte and I saw my favorite pet - the tiger. Took a picture with it. Here.

I wish I was Princess Jasmine. 

Last stop was in the Paoay Sand Dunes. We got tons of pictures taken just to pass the time while waiting for out turn in the 4x4 ride. Too bad we haven't tried sandboarding though.

All we saw were stars, the vast expanse and the headlights from the other 4x4s. So Hollywood, I know.

The next day we went to take our pictures with the Bangui Wind Mills. One can supply power up to 1.65 MW. Went to Kapurpurawan too. 

Ended the day on the beach. ;) Not my first time in Hannah's. Been here days ago with his family. 

@ Marcos' Palace.

Last Day. In front of Paoay Church. This is after having our disappointing lunch buffet. Tsk. Got some happy travel memories to cherish. That's worth all the trip and exhaustion. 

*I should do a  better travel post next time. Sorry, I have tons of work to do. Online/Offline and I got a date with Tony Stark tomorrow!!! :)

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