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May 1, 2013

Relationships 101: Are You the Cat or the Dog?

In relationships, one loves the other more than the other does. You would always wish that you are the latter so you have the wheel. If you are the latter, then you are a cat. If you are the former, you are the dog. So, the million dollar question is: Which animal role do you portray in your current relationship? Here, let me help you decide.

1. You're the cat if you keep passing the blame to your partner in almost everything. Why you arrived late in your group date. Why you missed the bus. It's always your partner to blame. And the dog, because of his love for you, accepts defeat.

2. Cats are playful creatures. Purr here, purr there. You can play with them and tickle them AS LONG AS THEY WANT TO. And if they are on this playful mood, you have to comply. Let them pinch your face or.. sit on your head. Treat these moments as gold because if they don't want to play, then back off. 


3. If dogs have done something that have maddened the cat, then the dog has to pay. Deal with the silent treatment. Accept the dagger looks. Don't test the cat's temper. You wouldn't like what you'll discover. And this advice works on most situation. If the cat is hungry, then don't mess with the cat.

4. If your partner sees you, the grin plastered on his/her face is from ear to ear. When you see him/her, you stare at him/her for a second, thinking "She/He is so happy to see me I must be really special. Now, I can ask for some favor." and half-smile. 

5. Whatever the cat owns, the cat benefits from. Whatever the dog owns, the cat also benefits from.


6. The dog is the happy-go-lucky, the tickly o dinky and the cat is well just the cat.


You may be the cat in the past, but you can be the dog in the present one. Or, at some point, you may switch roles, depending on the situation, but there is that always that primary semi-permanent role assignment between you too. In my case, I am a cat. And I am pretty sure of that. Purr.

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