The Battle Between The Food Groups

Eversince I started working for a nutritionist in oDesk, I couldn't help but to think of my own well being too. I started pinning superfoods and exercises in Pinterest. Here, take a lookie at my boards.

Anyhow, I started buying fruits in the supermarket. I used to only love bananas because aside from the health benefits of eating banana I love the sweetness of this happy, yellow fruit. And, it blends well with strawberries for fruit shakes. My favorite combo. I also love eating bananas covered with crunchy peanut butter. And do you know that banana peel can heal pimples fast? Yes, just rub them on the affected area three times a day for 3 days and viola. Your skin will be back to normal.

Now, I have decided that I should listen to my body and try to indulge in other fruits like apples and grapes no  matter how expensive they are. These are all investments after all. Your body is worth investing for.

And I've been sipping tea too. I've got stocks of them. I personally love Earl Grey from all these flavors.

I bought raspberries the last time, but I can only eat a few because of its strong flavor. And, it costs like a quarter of my total grocery expense so I am thinking of avoiding raspberries the next time. Strawberries would do as I love dipping them in chocolates.

I even made a heart-shaped pan cake last time and added some fresh mango cubes to add flavor.

Now, I better say bye to these:

Oily chicken skin

Super sweet snacks

and chips. Whether packed or home cooked.

It's gonna be a tough battle, but I am willing to face it. Thanks to instagram for my food diary. I just realized half of my account is full of food pictures. Oh well. ;) 

Think about your health too and choose what you feed your body.

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