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May 2, 2013

White Doodles

  • I'm seriously thinking of migrating to Wordpress because I think the fonts are lovelier over there. However, my heart is heavily thumping when I think of abandoning Blogger. I've been with it for the longest time and we've been this close .. when nobody saw me. {Drama song now playing}. I just like the Like button on Wordpress. That's all. =D

  • But, I think I am keeping my personal blog. Remember how I used to blab about revamping my old sites? That is not possible with my old sites. I need a new, clean slate. I want a Thought Cataglog-ish, Brain Picking-ish Wordpress site. ;) And this blog will continue as is. Ohkay. That's the plan. 

  • Also, I just figured I don't make a good travel blogger because I just can't re tell my travels. I mean, include an expense chart, re type the itinerary and stuff. I am so sorry I can't provide technical details of my travels. I should blog about my travels the next day that I arrive home because I grow tired and I get lazy to write them down. 
  • My time is limited nowadays. Thanks to the hardworking me, I now got 5 jobs on oDesk and 2 active candidacies. This explains the eyebugs and the lack of action in the blogosphere. I write for people over there. Add Candy Crush to the scene and I am sleep deprived. J must be happy when I cannot manage to connect to FB on my Candy Crush app for like 3 weeks. But when we went to J Co to try out some donuts, their WiFi did some magic and I can connect to Candy Crush again. Weee! Happiness. But the upside of this is that I was able to meet my Earn regular monthly income on oDesk goal. (That my day job is fastly becoming a sideline. Haha!) And I am steps closer to buying a lappy! :) I am happy though I am tired.
  • Speaking of work, I am a HARDWORKING person today. My project is going on smoothly. I mean, my engineering project in my day job. I'm actually ahead of the schedule. Thank you, Lord! Please bless my next one. I'm also starting with this new one though the first one isn't closed yet. Multitasking, I am a fan of it. I actually work when I have a LOT to do. I feel lazy when I only have 1 - 2 tasks to do. I don't know what happened to me, but on my day off, I can actually work for like 5 hours on my online job, clean the comfort room, arrange my clothes and take a looooong bath. Wow. It's so unME. Whatever happened to me is like awesome. ;) It seems that my life has a direction, the daily stuff at least and then I am inspired to do TONS of things. ;)
And oh, the picture? Totally out of topic. Or it is involved in some ways. I have to make a game guide for it again. I could start tomorrow. For tonight, I am blogging and slacking from online work.

I have 2 WP blogs coming up and Ima launch them soon. As soon as I get them in place and as soon as there are stuff in there that are worthy of your time. ;)

Bye for now. Gotta crush some candies!

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