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I have a thing for notebooks, new books, highlighters and studying. I missed studying so much that earlier this month, I would have enrolled in a Masteral Class right there and then only if we haven't missed the deadline. But, His plan is an ever-omnipresent one and I dare not question why. I would love to ask Him though, What now? Only if He talks to me.

So this month, June, was a month of dawning for me. I finally found that day dream job -- Technical Writer. =D =D =D Because I am a know it all. I want to document how things should be used, how they would function and how to do this and that. Seriously, I want to write all day, but I wouldn't want to lose touch of my technical side, so the thought of being a Technical Writer makes me jump on my office chair. :) Bahahaha. I am afraid of elaborating this one. But I gotta shut up about it for now.

And, aside from that, I want to level up in my salary and in my resume. I want to take up some masters. My office mate mentioned this Techno MBA course offering in a school near where I stay and I did a little research and I guess the course would be perfect for me. It's Masters of Business and Accountancy with a touch of Information Technology. Yes, I want to be flexible, studying the contributions of economists in the world and trying to make my very own in the near future. Well, I have read that yuo can become Project Managers when you graduate. And Project Managers are the bosses of Technical Writers. So while still studying, I am going to be a Technical Writer first. And God knows what I am going to be for the next ten years. :) Aside from that, I am pursuing my writing career online. Read: sidelines on oDesk, blog here and there and the likes.

Weee, am I a step closer to my dream job??? Wish me luck!

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