Day to Night in Combat Boots

I am the type of woman who would prefer to don simple, yet rocking outfits. I do not prefer over-the-top fashion for I feel no need to be a walking Christmas tree, whatever the season is. 

So, I put up these two fashion ensembles which I would definitely wear. The challenge for this outfit selection is to incorporate work boots without losing the feminine aura

The first one is the Day Outfit in combat boots. Here.

What do you think? I love wearing plain tees and racer backs. I really think that racer backs are convenient -- you can wear them on an errand run or you could wear them with office jackets. That's what I do when I wake up late and there's no need to decide on what to wear. 

Also, you should know that I am a sweater type of girl. I love wearing them because when worn right, these would make you look effortlessly sexy. Let one side of the sweater fall off your shoulders, exposing your porcelain skin! I am thinking of having my hair tied in a messy bun with this outfit. Think of all those Hollywood Paparazzi shots of actresses getting their morning Starbucks coffee.

And, since it's cuddle weather in my country, I am breaking up with sandals and hooking up with Dr. Martens instead. Don't you just love this Dr. Martens Icon 7B10 Work Boots?

Now, when you're done with the day job and it's a Friday night, go paint the town red in this superstar get up: Night Outfit in Combat Boots. Who says you can't wear a dress with combat boots?

The Elisha Dress is best complemented by the studded low rise cut boot from Dr. Martens! Also, it's fun working on the details of your outfit -- my favorite part! Here, these classy Betsey Johnson Black camera earrings from Macy's would make me feel like I am about to work on a red carpet for the premier night of my movie. The Alexander McQueen clutch would also add a subtle, yet dramatic touch to the entire outfit.

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