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Aug 2, 2013


Hi, there!

You must have been wondering what's up with me. If not, beg my ego for thinking that way. Abstinence has its benefits. Woah, don't get me wrong there, babe. Abstinence doesn't only mean from the three s word. Abstinence can also mean self-control. The benefits of abstinence is astounding; it helps you focus on things that you deem more important to you.

Like for me, I have been away because I was busy chasing my dreams. I want to get to my financial freedom while I am young and I want to help other people in getting there too. :) That's why I have a plan of creating a Finance blog soon if I am already prepared for being a guru. Also, I have been away from this blog for a while because I have been hanging out in other spaces or on other blogging platforms for that matter.

See, I have these HUGE dreams and goals and mind you, after starting out How Did the Dame Do Today? blog, I kind of fast tracked my way on getting there. It's a blog of the everyday things that I do in attaining my goals. I sort of created it for my sake only, but after the first post, there were likes and follows, so I kind of decided to go public with it.

I also write in The Lust Manifesto. The title is some kind of off. It better suits my goal blog, but the heck I love how it sounds. The Lust Manifesto is my literary and art poop canister. Well, I hope. I also post journal excerpts there when I am feeling kind of arty, romantic and dark.

My thoughts may be scattered for now, but I want to segregate my thoughts in order not to annoy my readers. I wouldn't want a mixed bag blog after all. This blog will remain live though. :) But if you want to catch me on my everyday thoughts, you can go visit my daily blog, How Did The Dame Do Today. Thanks to Jenna {of Awkward} and J for the inspiration.

Right now, Ima go back to my aunts' place where I haven't visited for a pretty loooong time. Will buy some donuts from KK as pasalubong. Bye!

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