Hello, September. Give Me Love.

First few minutes of September oh-13 and here I am, restless and tweaking my personal blog. I have changed the layout. Do you like it?

I would surely miss my last layout though. :( I just need to have a sidebar right now. I want to not let you suffer the mouse-scrolling-down activity just so you could see my GFC button, my blog roll and maybe some sponsorship links.

I am writing because I need to spill my thoughts to you.
+ mom said they won bingo 3 times: [ coffee maker ] [ rice cooker ] [ toaster ]
+ the one who congratulated her won the next round: [ BBQ grill ]
+ unproductive today. zero. nada. sometimes, we have to pick our loved ones over our work.
+ wasted the whole day just to get an MRI recommendation for J. how %^^*%*^%&$#%#& medical procedures are these days
+ developed an addiction to being productive
+ being idle makes me grumpy
+ have to change my blog layout to de-stress
+ thinking of buying in iPhone5C instead of the 5S or 6. my phone is on her menopause period
+ won 2nd place on Glad to be Globe's contest! will be receiving
          * Tattoo Stick
          * 6 months postpaid subscription for free
          * Php 500 call card
          * Php 3,000 worth of GC's [ now, I can finally do some shopping ]

+ got TONS of online work to do I don't even know if I can finish T_T
+ bought a black and white furry shorts with pink ribbons, wearing them right now
+ need to sleep right now for tomorrow is going to be a tough day

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