How an ISFP Begins The Chase of Her Dreams

About the song: You could listen to a more beautiful rendition of Katie Herzig's Hey Na Na on YouTube. I just wanted to embed a SoundCloud music in my post because of better aesthetics. Anyhow, the song is about a girl having a crush on this guy who is taken, I suppose. But, replace the guy with your dreams. Internalize the song as if you're having this desire to go get your dreams and not the man. 

Hey, guys. Lately, I have been obsessed with my dreams -- writing them down, blogging them out and diving into the blurry unknown. Do you, like me, dream of having the power to create your dream job? Attaining financial freedom? Writing your very own book? Exploring the world? Owning the latest Toyota vehicle -- 2014 Tundra which is coming out this Fall? It has been -- and is still a rollercoaster ride and I want you to ride with me.

I'll be sharing the actions that I have been doing for the past months, hoping that it'll benefit you too or just inspire you. What works for me may not work for you, that's why I have added "ISFP" in my title post. These set of guides are really intended for the ISFPs like moi. You can know more about ISFPs [Introvert-Sensing-Feeling-Perceiving] in this website or on my blog post. Let's start!

Expose yourself to your favorite things.
Whatever it is, go get them. Play ultimate Frisbee even when it's raining. Eat whatever it is that you want to. Go book that plane ticket. Try surfing out. Write sincerely and publish it out it in the open. Never let something or someone stop you from doing something that you love or want to try.

Well, unless what you wanna try can harm you or the people around you, immoral, morbid or criminal. You know what I mean, right?

Now, how can exposing yourself to your favorite things help you? It makes you realize what you really wanna do with your life. With today's people and technology, you can actually do something that you love for a living. If you hate your job, find out what you don't get tired of doing. Think of how you can make money doing it. Research if you have to. If you're still a student, then better. Join school organizations, share your talent, volunteer. Think of a college degree that is in line with your interests and look for a job that you will truly enjoy.

In my case, I really love writing and the only way that I can make BIG on it is to write a novel or publish a book, but I don't think I can do that right now. Instead, I am looking at a greener pasture for writers -- technical writer. I am a technical person because of my day job, but I can't stop writing. So, I believe I would totally rock the position of being a Technical Writer.

Create a Life List and track them down.
Now that you know what things you enjoy doing, do more of them. I am sure they are hefty so to make sure that you don't miss a thing, list them down.

Nobody can tell you how to do your own list and how many of them you need to have or in what form. Create your life list as you like it because it is your life that is being talked about in here.

Lately, I have turned into this list lady. I do it to organize my thoughts, my day, my work and even my dreams -- small or not. I swear I could have gone crazy if not for my lists and blog. I have been thinking too much. Maybe this was how Peter Mark Roget felt back then. He felt the need to organize his life by bringing together words with similar meanings, in the end he has created Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases.

The good thing about this hyper-dreaming mode of mine is that whenever I have accomplished something or have one of things in my lists "strikethroughed" like this I feel a whole lot better. But then, as a space vacants out, a new dream would occupy that space.

I have been making lists of things I need to buy, things I want to buy, things I need to do in the office, things I need to accomplish during my 26th year of existence, things I need to pay off, etc. Yeah, the list goes on. I even bought a notebook and divided it into five parts -- Finances, Earn Online Gigs, Blog Things, Real Things to Try and Favorite Stuff. I also have created a blog in dedication to my Life List and I called it "How Did The Dame Do Today?". I'd like to track down my progress.

Talk about your dreams -- and claim them,
When you do talk about your dreams to people, it's actually an act of affirmation, which means that you really want your dream and you don't wanna give up on it.

When you are shy of mentioning your dreams or if it is something that is top secret for now, then you can always find other people to talk to. Talk to the right people about your dreams. Those people who wouldn't laugh at you or ridicule your dreams. But if ever some people may know of your dreams and laughed at you, and you fight for your dreams, then you know where you stand on your dreams. Or if your dreams hold super sensitive information, you better keep mum about it -- until you can talk about them.

Officemates may have ridiculed me for casually mentioning that I want to be a writer, but I don't feel humiliated because I have been earning money (one time, even way more than my regular monthly income) from it and most especially because I enjoy doing it. ;)

Our thoughts, our words, our actions will help us attain our dreams:

When the universe exploded way way way back and all the elements interacted with each other, the earth was formed and humans were formed. We are actually made from stars and the words that come from our mouth, the unspoken thoughts that are uttered by our hearts emit an energy, emanating from our bodies, which ripples throughout the universe. Thus, the universe conspires for our desires because we are a part of it.
 --original words by me, inspired by a colleague's sharing about Bo Sanchez' How to Be a Magnet Blessing

Snap back to reality and work on them.
Enough of the daydreaming and brainstorming. Just because you have downloaded every exercise app that you can find in the AppStore into your iPad doesn't mean that your body will eventually turn into a beach bod. [Charge me, I am guilty of this!] You're now equipped with your guide and list, now work on them in real life.

I guess this is the hardest part of it all. Starting on them. I had an application form printed out in my clear folder for over a year now, not filled up. And I was guilty. However, eversince I started my daily dream tracking blog, I have begin to act my dreams out! Only a week ago, I have already scheduled my entrance exam for my Masterals. ;) Yay me! That was a great leap for me. And I have already joined two cool groups that would help me achieve my dreams. Having a group is essential, but this step should be a separate one, so as for the last tip:

Have a support group.
I wasn't a believer of this tip for the longest time. See, I am an introvert most of the time, but I realized that being with like-minded people can do amazing things to you. Cliche as it may sound, but two heads are better than one.

Sure, you have your inner circle of friends, but you don't share the same goals, philosophies every time. So you need a support group to improve the other aspects of your life.

I have been a graduate of the Singles For Christ and I have recently joined the International Marketing Group. I realized praising God with the others is more fulfilling and praying together is more powerful. I need a reminder from my bros and sis on how to live a life that is pleasing to the eyes of our Father. As for the IMG, I became more hopeful, determined and knowledgeable on how to achieve my financial freedom. Self-study is a thing that I am acquainted with, but mentors are different. ;)

I hope you have found this entry enjoyable and inspiring and helpful.
Live a life that you think you ought to live.

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