Why I Decided to Take My Finances Seriously

A few weeks ago, I have decided to take my finances seriously. I think I just got tired of living from paycheck to paycheck. I wanted to live a life, knowing that I can relax a bit and stop thinking about money for a while. I want to attain financial freedom in an early age so that I could help my family and those in dire need of financial makeover.

I am starting with myself. If you are also having trouble with money, read on. We may have the same reasons. I've made this post to remind me in case I'll feel discouraged and spendy in between my financial stretches. Hah, I've outwitted myself, huh? In attaining Financial Freedom in this modern world, you just have to have a new mindset, the right attitude and a little spank on the butt sometimes. I'm trying to do the latter by imprinting my very reasons on why I decided to take my finances seriously. Let's start? Here we go.

I got tired of receiving a slimmer paycheck.

I have been receiving only half of my salary minus the allowances that I send out to my family. Ouch. Yes. I have loans too. They are personal loans, but they're not for me.

When payday comes, I am not excited at all. Never. Because I know that it'll be gone too soon. It's never fulfilling to receive your salary in half, especially when you know that the other half will only go to loans. With only a portion of your paycheck, you just can cover your everyday expenses. You just can't save up on emergency funds or on a trip that you'll love to go to.

One brilliant day, J had this awesome suggestion that would allow me to hit two birds with one stone. I closed my account in this little corporation. I have decided to shed out my savings from there just to cover up my loans. That way, I am cutting out the interest of my loans and giving myself a fresh, new start. Also, I wouldn't be tempted to apply for some loans if any emergencies come up. Instead, I would be forced to create my own emergency fund.

My savings is back to zero.

Since I have slaughtered my piggy bank, I am left with nothing. Nada. This is why I am so eager to start anew. Though my mom and I have lived with absolutely no regular income and managed to survive, it doesn't mean that I am willing to do the same again. (For the future me and my children.)

I would start an emergency fund so that I can slack whenever I want to. Kidding.

Just so you know, an emergency fund is essential for a working individual for him/her to be able to live a couple of months if he/she has lost his/her job or to be able not to touch his/her investments when something came up. It's a way of protecting your investments.

I am not getting any younger.

I have to admit this. I am not getting any younger. And so are my parents and aunts. Getting old entails a lot of responsibility mentally, psychologically, physically and even financially.

I'd like to help them out in their medications and even treat them to travels. At the same time, I'd also like to prepare for my future family. So many things to do and so little time. Feels like I'm inside a pressure cooker.

But, I'll make this increasing cash flow a little more fun than as perceived. ;) I'm doing things I love to earn more money -- writing and blogging and learning how to be my own financial planner with the help of my IMG team.

And I am doing income-generating activities on my free time. But, I see to it that I am actually enjoying what I am doing. As I have said, I am writing for extra money. If I work full time as a writer, I bet I could make MORE money than my day job. I plan to make writing a full-time job soon. As of now I do plan to start a financial blog. Currently, I am a co-author of Finance Pinoy. You could visit my first post there: 3 Life Rules To Live By From Ashton Kutcher’s Speech.

I want to help others the right way.
If you have read the first part, the one about my loans, well it's not for me. However, when I thought I was helping them, I was not. In the process, I am also NOT helping myself. I have only made a problem out of an existing problem and I have involved myself in it.

Getting out of debt is the first thing to do if you want to attain financial freedom. Why save if you still owe people something? Why buy a brand new gadget if you still have an existing loan? Why lend others money that you have borrowed from others? It's like sweeping the floor over and over again without using the dustpan. You might not find dirt on the spot in front of you, but try looking on your side or even at your back.

See my point? If I wish to continue my mamon heart and tolerate letting others borrow money from me, then I should start my own savings and investments first and teach them how to manage their own.

Also, I have seen a way on how to get to this financial freedom (through IMG). I know that it'll help me, my family and my friends. ;) Our ultimate goal is to teach financial literacy to Filipinos.

We have the power to save up for millions. We have the power to actually stop being corporate slaves and live the way we want to live. We just think the idea is so ridiculously heavy that we unconsciously tell ourselves it's impossible. 

I am being shown the way on how to do it and I refuse to waste it. ;) And besides, I like hanging out with people with the same interests as mine. I just want to blab and blab to them even if we just met. Haha!

I want to retire early.

And live my afternoons under a LED-lit tree, watching rom coms with my soon-to-be hubby. And make home-cooked meals for my future family. And go places with my family. And do charities. And spread His love. And help other people afford the life that they want to live too. ;)

I refuse to live my life working all the days of my life. And I want to share this previously kept empowerment that I hold dear to everybody I know. Now, my passion for life have been ignited all the more. ;) I finally know the things that I want to do all my life and I have a concrete path in front of me.

I have lived my life for the past decade without direction. No, don't get me wrong. I am loved. I have graduated college. But I was lost. Seriously lost -- I didn't know how to proceed or where to go. Now, I have that hunger to build my career, follow the path that I have chosen to live and help others find their own path too. ;)

He has finally stripped out the uncertainty and the lost little girl in me. He has allowed me to meet people with like minds to help me fuel my fire. He has given me the zest for life. I have never been this productive, this relentless for a while now. And it's definitely, definitely a good thing.

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