From $5 to $50, A message to All Filipino Freelancers

Out of desperation and the quest for a better life, I have worked on ways on how to increase my earnings on my writings. But, I failed. I am close on giving up on my dream when the I stumbled into this video. Aaah, the benefits of subscribing to great people. I should suggest to do an article on this one, eh?

If you're a freelancer and you're looking for ways on how to increase your $5 per article or per hour into $50 per article and per hour, then this video was made for you.

★ I thank God for creating selfless people like Celine. Teaching her fellow Filipino freelancers on how to get the pay the we deserve. Magagaling naman talaga ang mga Pinoy ah and we can compete worldwide.
★ After 11 jobs and time squeezing, I don't think I earn the pay that I deserve. Baha. And I am not even finished yet. And I have to buy boardshorts later. 
★ I think it's time for me to level up in my oDesk charge.
★ I think it's very much possible for me to snag a $50 one-article job.
★ Filipino Freelancers should start a revolution by not giving in to low-paying jobs. Okay, me included. Hey, the $5-is-a-cheap-hourly-rate is starting to dawn on me. I thought it was already okay when I discovered other Pinoy oDeskers who earn $16 per hour. I am so joining in this revolution. After I am finished with these 11 jobs.

To the $50 hourly rate, here I come. :)

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