My Cup of Tee

+ Updated my iPad to iOs7.2. There's something off with the whole thing though. I don't want vivid, super contrasted icons. Can I adjust the brightness and contrast? I like the minimalist feel though.


+ Okay, it's official. I am getting into grad school! Tomorrow's the first day of class. I hope I can still do the things that I need to do -- online jobs + offline jobs. I guess I have to give up the daily blog and just blog here. =/


+ Finally found my cup of tees -- Culture Tees! I was supposed to buy 3 and get Php100 discount, but the boyf was there, a consistent hindrance to my shopping sprees. He told me to wait for my GCs (worth Php3000 which I won on a Globe Blog Post Contest). He made sense so I agreed.


+ He also bought a Beverly Hills Polo Club Shirt which looks good on him. He saw it first, but I still claimed that it was my choice. 

+ And tonight at this wee hour in the morning I leave you a quote, a happy quote from all the other inspirational quotes. I like my life now. I created doors for myself and I am enjoying entering every single one of it. :)

I haveee to sleep. Will work on the online job tomorrow since acid reflux is acting up. Gawd, it isn't nice. I have to eat every now and then to keep it down! Now, I have to sleep. Have school tomorrow! =D And I am excited. Alarm ready!

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