No, I am Not Yet Getting Married

No, I am not yet getting married, but I am seriously considering black-and-white as my wedding motif. It silently screams chic sophistication.

What's up with the wedding fever you might ask. Well, I have been writing wedding articles for 15 days straight now. Wait, I have to do the crossies blogpost.

Online Jobs

+ Wedding Articles. Need to finish 10 ASAP as I am lagging on my online works.
+ Need to finish Blog 2 and Privacy Policy for one client tomorrow.
+ Product Descriptions!! #*&^$*#& I still have to finish 12.

WP site and Blog
+ Have you sensed anything new in my blog? Yessss, the header!! Do you love it? Because I love it even though you don't. ;) Haha ; p And, I have changed the fonts. Blog post title and the body text. Do you love it? This is so much better. I feel home again. Which do you like better? The old header & fonts or the new header & fonts? Please say the new ones! Am I asking you a lot of questions? For more which better questions to amuse you, go visit

+ See I have created this webbie, The Boomlet Diaries and it's going to be a SERIOUS website about: (1) Personal Finance, (2) Blogging, (3) Freelancing and (4) Earning Online Gigs. I was debating whether to separate the earning online stuff from the personal finance, but when Facebook blocked my other url, I thought of heck, why not combine the two under a new url and put all of those things under one umbrella. Thus, The Boomlet Diaries was made. :) ChristianPF is my inspiration for this.

Day Job
+ Finished debugging all four generics in just 2 days! My best so far. However, they're just package extensions and they're for evaluation purposes only. Main thing to debug is still untouched. Oh well. That's lifeee.

+ Been reading all about Mutual Funds. I am about to purchase healthcare and I am saving up on some MFs. Might as well read muna before deciding where to put my funds. :) I'll be making a comparison post about the existing MFs. :) But I am pretty sure it'll take a while. Major research to eh.

That's all for tonight, people. ;) Tomorrow's my day off and this weekend is my last Saturdays-are-mine weekend for I am about to embark on a new journey called Graduate Studies. Wish me luck?

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