On the Quality of Your Life: Be Contented or Strive for More?

Unconsciously, all people will choose to be on a pedestal rather than on the floor when it comes to life. I know you want the best quality of life that you can possibly give yourself, your family and your friends.
It is human instinct. I know you agree. See, I have seen modern, revolutionary religious speakers like Bo Sanchez who have the same vision that I have: earn more in order to help more. To live a life abundant of faith, love, humility and yes, finances.
They know that money is not their god, but they know that money can help them in serving other people. They know very well that Jesus is in control of our lives, that He will help us in our daily needs -- that is only if we do something by ourselves and not just patiently wait inside our houses. Good things come to those who wait (my previous mantra). But, the best things come to those who DO. We are not supposed to do nothing but expect something. 
Blessings wouldn't come pouring out on you if you don't give them the opportunity to manifest.
I have also discovered another webbie, Christian PF which has the same ideals as Bo Sanchez and me. His blog talks about accumulating money to help oneself and other people. If I want to join an organization or a group, I want to be there because I am convicted of the entire group's beliefs and ideals. I want to take part in the change that we can ignite in our lives and other people's lives while giving back all the glory to Him
See, one speaker has said that before she dreamed of a luxurious life -- on the beaches, sipping ice cold drinks, but now that she has become a part of a certain group, she forgot about that past dream and vowed to live a meaningful life instead, helping others in her own little ways. 
I kind of took that against her. I am a firm believer of having the best of both worlds per se. And my struggles with my family is enough fuel for me to change our attitudes with regards to our finances. There is nothing wrong with being financially aware. It is greed that is evil.
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