My January Weeks in Grams

I was MIA in this blog for the past weeks for I was busy with a lot of things, so let me make it up to you. Through photos. Less words. More pics. And oh, they're VSCO-ed so you'll totally love them. And yeah, no selfies! :)

Jan 9th

Received my The Daykeeper Journal 2014 journal. After all those weeks of waiting. Finally. Too bad it's already the 9th, but still. ;)

Jan. 14th

Received some good news. Thank you for our Father! He is just sooo faithful to me. :))

J and I were so grateful we need to buy some ice cream to celebrate His goodness!

Jan. 15th

My very good friend J (not the boyf) brought me this! Ohh, joy! :) I love everything with cherries in it. 

Jan. 16th

This day, I have extended my working hours, but this glorious beauty greeted me as I walked out of the office doors. I love tree silhouettes and sunsets.

Jan. 20th

Last Saturday (19th) marked the last day of our classes in PTM. Our professor acknowledged the best reporters in class and guess who got mentioned!! Meee! And this K woman whom I really enjoyed listening to. She's from the PR industry and she studied in Australia, sooo yeah she talks really good. I was kind of flattered my professor liked my report. It was the report that I was blabbing about here. And if you want to download a copy of my report, it's here. Thank you Prezi! Haha! :) Yabang much. It's just that I love people like my professor because he is so well traveled, educated and he multitasks and he, well, is financially free. I sort of like idolize him or something. Will be posting a blog post dedicated to my PTM classes and Techno MBA 1st semester. :)

★ One of the Best Reporters in Class Award 

That was only an intro. So, my classmate K was talking to the class about this movie, The Wolf of Wallstreet. Among the things it involved were insider trading, the stock market, the psychology of selling and all the luxuries that came with it.

However, it was also all about how money can be so evil, a group of money-hungry stockbrokers, cheating husbands and all about the hair-rising effects of alcohol and drugs. Go watch it. It's three-hours long, but it's worth it. Rotten tomatoes have rated it at 77% if I remember it correctly. Margot Robbie is just sooo pretty and Leo can really pull off the jerk role with his cerebral palsy high face. This is not a review, so we move along.

J and I were supposed to go freeze ourselves in Tagaytay, but we slept the whole afternoon as I needed some break. I just finished my term paper and I need some weekend slacking. Instead, we watched the movie and ate at Hap Chan, a decision I'm glad we made because everything is so effing delish in there. 

We ate Assorted Balls Congee and Shrimp Siomai. One order, the Hay yap (???) or the steamed prawns never came. I sort of loathed the customer next to us because they had it when they came in second to us. We had to do several follow ups until one waiter finally had the guts to tell us that there's no more steamed prawns. I was sooo bitin! Anyway, we were full and I enjoyed the iced tea. And the milk tea. We will be coming back for more. 

And oh! We ate caviar! We got a Wolf on Wallstreet hangover that we had to had our night of luxury. Lol, kidding! It's only sago. It's Taho and Sago. I don't eat taho, but this taho I did. And liked! Yum yum! Sorry for doing a mini review. I had to shut down Gastronomicca. I need to put my money in investments and not in my stomach. Eating out is limited for a while.

And lastly, I bought a new pair of sandals for myself because the one I'm using for more than a year now has peeled soles. This is a really cute one. I'll always be a Primadonna girl. Minus the heels. Can't wear them all the time. And oh, I bought a casing for my phone. I'll share the pic soon. It's a typography kind so I really love it! 

Nytt, or correct way is mornite, people!

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