I Got a Liebster Award!

Hey, hey! Somebody sweet tagged me on this Liebster Award! And this made my day. :) Well, aside from the Nutella-covered banana which I ate earlier when I got home, hungry, from work. All right. The girl whom I am grateful for this award is called Jean. She owns Irrational Sense of Optimism, a personal blog which has an awesome layout, rocking minimalist touch of fonts and great content. She does crafts! And I am jealous. I seem not to have time for everything I want to do in life! 

Anyhow, let's get our thinking back to this Liebster Award. If you head on to Jean's blog, you would read a little history about the award and I wouldn't repeat it here because I'm lazy like that! I'll just proceed to the rules and the do's and blah's. So, yeah. Read on. 


With a fabulous blog comes many awards, so this is one of the consequences of having an awesome blog -- I have to give out the awesomeness to the blogosphere. With that power, however, comes responsibility of sticking by to these rules:

  • Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions asked {refer to your tagger's blog post}
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with lots of potential
  • Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer
  • Notify your nominees


1. When and why did you start blogging? 

It all happened back in September of 2009. I always loved writing. So much. I enjoy writing assignments. It's the form of art and self-expression my skin is most comfortable in. Before that I have secret space on MyLiveJournal. 

I started blogging for the public to see because I want to be read, to inspire, to instigate emotions in people and I want feedback. I want to be noticed. Yeah, you could say I want attention. Lol, seriously, I want my thoughts to be read and to be remembered and to be shared by people. ;)

2. What is your favorite topic to blog about and why? 

A LOT. Effing LOT. I have like more than 5 blogs, but this is the only one I maintain because I can't stop blabbing about my self. I like talking about my thoughts, food, poetry, personal finance, books and peculiar things which are fresh or one which doesn't conform to society. 

Of those topics, I like blogging about my thoughts. Because they rock. 

3. What is your guilty pleasure? 

You mean pleasures? Here's the list. 

+ books I don't seem to have time to read 
+ food, always food. I have groceries, but my budget always include miscellaneous food. (WTF?)
+ being too giving. my boyfriend says so. i give away money. to family. i also give away my food, that's why my current housemates (here in Limerick) like me. 
+ wanting my ME time. I seem I am ignoring people around me because I need to blog. Or I need to write for somebody online. 

4. What is your favorite book? 

The Fault in Our Stars. Currently. Because I can't read a lot given with the things that are going on in my life right now. I tried reading the classics, but I don't know how to appreciate them. I am a shame. But, I still want to read more of them.  

5. What is something that you haven’t done before but would like to try doing? 

Uhm, this question is lagging my brain because this year, this little miss half-hearted decided to use her whole heart instead. So, I am a go-getter today. Uhm, okay. So, I'd like to be a digital nomad, traveling the world, selling my thoughts. You know, just abandon my left brain and let my right brain lead my life. Scaryyyy, but that's a life I've always wondered about. 

6. Who is your favorite blogger and why? 

Wander Woman and Wanderrgirl. And Haze. And a lot others! 

Wander Woman is just awesome because she takes stunning photos and I love her hate-me 'tude and she got style. 

Wanderrgirl is doing a lot for our country while being creative and being herself. 

And Haze, oh dear Haze. Whenever I am in her blog, it's like I'm in this cupboard and I am tiny like Thumbelina and I sit on marshmallows and everything just smell sweet and I just feel so warm and secure all over. I loveee being on her space. :)

7. What is the story behind your blog title? 

Love is a Mutt is actually a song which I spotted on LimeWire I think while I was randomly downloading Indie music for myself. I sort of liked it and two to three years later I am stuck to it. And I actually love mutts. And I believe dogs are the most humane of all creatures so I am proud equating them to love. 

8. What makes you smile? 

Notebooks. Journals. Tumblers. Sweet coffee. Sunsets. Trees. Road trips. Ultimate Frisbee stats. Compliments. My favorite blogs. Thoughts of others. And many more. It's not difficult to make me smile. Really. Oh, and if you'll ask who, my boyfriend and mom and my dogs.

9. What is your bedtime ritual? 

I pray and I cuddle under my comforter and I watch tv shows and movies in my laptop until I fall asleep.

10. What is your number one pet peeve? 

It takes a lot to make me angry. I don't get angry that fast. But, uhm. For pet peeves, I'd say people who joke around about senseless things about you, expecting some reaction from you when I actually have no reaction to because I find it... empty. Total waste of time. And they assume that you're well, angry. My fascination taste is insulted. I am not touched by senseless things and they trigger nothing from my system. 

11. Aside from blogging, what is your favorite thing to do?

Reading things. Surfing and playing Frisbee! 


Here are my fave 11 bloggers.

  1. Haze of Moonlore
  2. Wander Woman
  3. Camie of Wild Spirit
  4. Nathalie of Mental Snapshots
  5. Riz of Chasing Dreams
  6. Apple of A Taste of Apple
  7. Wanderlust Drifted
  8. Aia of Aiaaaa.net
  9. Toned Down and Vintage
  10. Arvee of Flutterhappy
  11. Leah of Curious Weekends
MY 11 Q's

Nominees, here are my questions to you. I hope by asking that I could spark something in you. And you do something about it. :)

  1. What do you expect to gain from blogging? 
  2. What are you most passionate about?
  3. Have you been re-visiting your list of dreams, your bucket list or whatever you call it?
  4. Do you actually develop a plan on how to achieve these?
  5. Do you pray for these dreams?
  6. Is there this one thing that you have been meaning to do for a pretty long time, but haven't?
  7. Why haven't you done it?
  8. If I were to challenge you to do it, would you actually do it? When?
  9. How is the relationship between you and your bank account?
  10. Do you already have a financial plan for you and your loved ones (and future children)?
  11. Were my questions annoying?
There you go, ladies. :) May you continue to find more happiness in blogging and may you spread positivity throughout the blogosphere and within your real ecosystem and maybe, just maybe, the world. :)

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