Lost in Dromoland

On my first weekend here in Limerick, we went to Dromoland. Dromoland used to be a castle, but it's now a 5-star hotel near Newmarket-on-Fergus in County Clare, Ireland. 

It was Sunday and I was kind of eager to go out and explore Ireland. 

That's the castle, obviously. 

Here I am with them. They're my officemates, but we only got to talk to each other here. We're from different groups and we really don't handle the same products. That's why. 

I love this spot. I always loved trees. Here, trees are lovely. (Lovely, I finally get to use the word here a lot. In conversations.) The detail that I like most about them is the red and wilted parts on the top of those little twigs and branches. They form this pale-ish old rose-y bush when seen from afar. 

Our epic fail jump shot. There were four shots, each shot, one of us was jumping. I picked to post this one so I get to be labelled as the Master Jumper among them.

We posed as if we're close friends here. Did that on purpose. After the click, everything's back to normal again. 

And here I am conquering this little boat. Note that this act need some balancing expertise. Though shall not fall into the water. Hypothermia would be dreadful on this wonderful Sunday afternoon. 

And oh, the pictures are not mine, apparently. Got them from my officemates. And Kuya N was the one who took the shots. He is an awesome photographer!! He was using C's camera and it was Nikon. He is a Canon user.

I was planning to buy a camera here, but the prices are tooo expensive compared back home. I'll be buying one when I go back. =D It's either Nikon d3300 or Nikon d5200! 

To credit them: Carneshun | Noel Nollaig

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