{F} is for Featured / Notes to Self

If you have been following me in this blog, you would know how serious hard I try to get serious on blogging. So, imagine my thrill when I got accepted to be included as one of the BloggersPH's Real Pinoy Bloggers.

Yay, that's me! 

The group already has my favorite bloggers as members:
And heree's my profile page. You can check it out here.

If your favorite blog is not here, you could always submit the link to BloggersPH. Just make sure that the blog you are going to submit is at least 3 months old with a minimum of 12 posts.

Now, since I got myself into this blogging thing, I sort of thought that I should at least be conscious of what and how I blog. I have these notes that I want myself to remember and I want to share them to you as they might help you too.

  • Publish posts worth reading. Personal posts can be made into "thoughts" instead (sort of like talk in a third person or throw in related experiences so other people could relate).
  • Snap/Create my own blog post pictures/typography. And infuse it with my fade, vsco-ish style.
  • Categorize! Make that Category sidebar clickables. This way, readers can just filter away.
  • Blog swap. Create own set of blog icons. 
  • Check for spelling and grammar mistakes. {It has been my habit of blabbing through the keyboards and pressing 'Publish' right away. So when people said they've read my blog, I'm like
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    That's all that I could think of right now.

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