{H} is for Happy Beaching in Ballybunion

Three days before my birthday, we decided to go on a mini road trip to the beach. Because we're missing the Philippine summer and we're kind of stuck here in Limerick with an 11C kind of weather. Thanks to C's superb travel skills, we have arrived on the beautiful shoreline of Ballynunion Beach! It's like 2-3 hours away from where we live here in Ireland.

But before that, we stopped over at Foynes just to take a sip of the famous Irish coffee. We snacked at O'Regan's Restaurant, a little cafe beside the Foynes Flying Boat Museum.

Irish coffee is actually a cocktail consisted of hot coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar stirred in together and topped with a thick cream. The drink was conceived one wintery night in th 1940s when American passengers passed hopped off from a Pan Am flying boat. To warm up the travelers, chef Joe Sheridan added whiskey into their coffees.

And this is my order down below. It was the most delicious brownie that have ever gone through my mouth. I am not a huge chocolate fan, but this. THIS. This made me believe in chocolate fairies. The cream was there to tone the sweetness down. If I know how to drive, I could just drive by Foynes and eat this devilish dessert every Sunday afternoon. 

photo from my Instagram

After the eating part, we drove to the beach!!! Oh, we just couldn't wait. After roughly 45 minutes after, we finally got there! We saw the sand first and then this amazing cliff besides the beach. 

We were like take a shot of me here and there. But look at that pic above, my feet got cut. Ruined the picture, eh? Lol, Doesn't matter. Everything was gorgeously sunny even though we were actually chilling inside. 

The sand was sort of similar to the ones we have in Boracay (oh I am going there this May!!), but the color is a shade darker or creamier? I thought it was. After walking down the beach, we mini-hiked towards this spot!

We found this little cliff where you can just breathe in the entire scenery -- the creamy sands below and the blue sky above dotted occasionally with seagulls. 

And we kind of felt that we need to stay on that cliff for a few more minutes... Yes, just another 10 minutes because we just couldn't resist the sweetness of this spot. At that point, we wished we had brought some food to munch on.

But, all good things must come to an end so we raised up our lazy butts and walked up on the other cliff where the remnants of a castle was still standing.

This very cliff that I am sitting on used to separate the Men's Beach from the Ladies' Beach. That's how conservative the Irish people were in the olden days. They have separate beaches!

After that, we climbed back down towards the shore again and I said that we should at least let the Atlantic Ocean kiss our toes. We just have to get rid of our boots and play with the washing waves. So, off we went. 

It was freezzzing cold. It's as if I was stepping on ice cold ice!! The first steps on the wet sand was the hardest as the freeze could easily creep up to my chest. My toes would be numb within minutes and when the water blankets up the sand that I am standing on and my bare feet, I couldn't help but give out a little scream. It was freezzzing! But it was enjoyable. 

After some time, your body learns how to deal with the cold. You would just shrug it off. :) We even met a local walking his two dogs. I have predicted that one dog was young (as he would catch the balls the other kids are playing with) and the other was old (he walks slowly with exerted effort). Turned out the old dog was 13 years old!

The day must come to an end and we drove back home. It was a different beach experience for me. I haven't imagined myself coming to the beach in boots and in a winter jacket! Haha. This Sunday chill in Ballybunion Beach definitely makes it on the list of my favorite Ireland adventures. 

Photo credits to Carneshun

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