{I} is for Inlapidated by Grimm's Monroe

So, my lazy days here have been spent with a guy named Monroe.

Monroe is a kind-hearted, reformed man who strives to protect the loves of his life everytime. And he has a funny knack in doing so. He used to be a monster, but now he is into Yoga, strict diet and Pilates. And he knows how to cook! And more importantly, he is funny. Adorably funny.

Okay okay. I am talking about a fictional character in Grimm. You know Grimm? The TV show which includes all the monsters you can think of (Aswang was featured there) and a hero who protects the world from it. It was sort of like RIPD and I sort of disliked the start of the Grimm season since i saw RIPD first. The concept is kind of the same -- cops who gets the bad guys. The real bad guys as in monsters -- Wesen.

I got hooked with Grimm. I'm catching up with Season2, but the show is already in its 3rd season. So, let's talk about Monroe. Here's a clip. You be the judge. Tell me if he's cute or not.

Those droopy, compassionate eyes and the pursed, pouty short lippies.

And his swoon-worthy talent

And romantic date ideas...

And surprise flowers. Don't care if they're yellow.

His loyalty to Nick

I could go on only if I don't have a date tonight. Time to go now to go watch Monroe.

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