Greenfield City Ultimate Invitational 2014

We tortured ourselves last weekend under the sun. Starved our already parched selves. 

Last Saturday and Sunday, we went to Paseo de Sta. Rosa to play for this Greenfield City Ultimate Invitational 2014. We played Ultimate Frisbee. 

In case you're already debating with yourself there quietly in your seat, no this is not a game just for dogs (as you can see in movies). 

In fact, it is an ever-growing sport already. It's really simple you see. All your team's got to do to score is to get that disc into the endzone (the rectangular part of the field on either end. It's like the net for soccer.) Here's a gif: 

That's AJ! He won Most Goals on our pool. :)

And on the defense side of things, you just really have to block the opposing team from touching the disc and scoring. Like this: 

This little guy here is L and he's pretty good at playin'. 
So we started early. At around 8 AM. They couldn't believe I was on time. We (bf and I) used to be late. But, things have changed. 

I was kind of lying low on the attack side because there's just 4 of us girls and one is a beginner. And we need to last for the whole day. Until 4pm, I think. And my stamina kind of suck. Good thing I have jogged for two days before the game. 

Our team, Cleat Lovers don't have practice, but we're planning to bring the game back. We lost our field to a new building.

We didn't care if we were outnumbered. All we wanted was to play. But that might be a bad thing after all. We got reallyyy tired after all those games. Some even went home early because of emergencies. And the others were not present the following day. We made the minimum count though, so we could still play.

At the end of the first day, we won 2 out of 3 games!! The last game was a universal score, meaning the other team won at the last point. That was already enough for us. Come the last game of the day. It was with a team in another pool (level) -- the USO. Against J who used to be one of us. Looong story. We lost, but we were really pumped up during the game and I kind of enjoyed it.

Red Bull even came to visit. Didn't finished my bottle though. I would've palpitated.

A with the braces used to be my roommate, but now she's with another company. But we meet during frisbee games. And we catch up.

Frisbee tourneys always reunite me with good 'ol friends. They're a mix of my high school and college friends! The couple there (in white and black shirt) plays on our team.

At the end of the day, our scoring machine was kind of injured. Just some cramps though which hit both of his legs. He's fine now.

All's well that end's well, especially if you brought these babies home with you:

Cosmic Cleats, finally!!! *kilig* Got it at Paseo at a Discount. Hehe. Good thing my bf was supportive. Of course, that's his fave soccer player's (Christiano Ronaldo) shoes. Behehehe. He can't wear cleats for now because the doctor told him so. Haha. But don't worry, he's okay. :) Now, I'm reminded of a piece I've written way way back:

I went home tired, happy and smelly. That was ultimate. So how did your last weekend go?

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