Weekly Wishes { Week 1 | June 2014 }

Where did May go? Haha. It's June already? Oh well. Everything has been a breeze. I lingered on May too much. I lagged posting on May. May was great -- going home, Boracay, Ultimate Frisbee tournament. I have to tell you in the following blog posts I know. Anyway, let's move on to June. But first, let's recap my Weekly Wishes last week.

WEEKLY WISHES {Week 4 | May 2014}

Stats on Ultimate Frisbee. I scored one or two. I remembered cutting several times, blocking a disc in front of an opponent on the endzone, catching a disc not intended for me (which is good) and... actually that's all. My endurance is not that great. Good thing I jogged days before the game. The thing is: when the scorching sun is up in the sky and you're playing Ultimate Frisbee below it without a sub (savage style), a water break is the sweetest thing that you could think of every second of the play time. But, that should change. We should find MORE girls to play with our team. If you're reading and you're interested, please. Please, I am begging come join us. Frisbee is fun. See:

That's me. Do you think I caught the disc? Thanks to boyfriend for taking this -- my only action shot. Haha.

Online work : 10 hours. As usual, I haven't. I was 80% behind. But, I'm going to do it this week!

Blog: 1 Entry on 3 blogs. I was busy. The jogs made me tired and sleepy once I got home. The next time, I should draft mutually exclusive goals. 

Jog on Thursday & Friday. Yay! I did. On Friday, I burned 230 kcal by jogging 5.5 km. 


The Nectar Collective

Does this week's wishes sound interesting? I tried my very best to limit this week's goal, but I just can't help it. I settled for 6. I would have included be more friendly with other bloggers, but I guess I don't need to put it there eh?

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