How to Shape Your Brow According to Your Face Shape

I have been obsessing with my eyebrows for quite a while now. I've always filled it in with eyebrow pencil whenever I feel like it. I face days when the inner engineer in me triumphs and I put no make up at all. This happens most especially on days when I am busy at work.

Anyway, I found a trick on how to do it the perfect way. Thanks to Alight. Did you know that your eyebrow shape should accentuate your face shape? I didn't until this infographic. I would only trace my existing eyebrow lines. Well, the end result is good as I shape my brows often. I am not comfortable when little growing brows begin to show up. I hate the sight of them.

Anyway, I am sharing my cheat sheet here. Enjoy, ladies and let's shape that brow often. It makes your face a whole lot fiercer.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows Infographic
Courtesy of: Alight

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