The I'm-gonna-go-get-my-favorite-coffee-after-this-post post.

Just gone home from a Christmas Wedding. Jumbled thoughts keep making their way in my already jammed (with mathematics and electronics) brain.

...During fine dining, I'm scared of sitting next to people who just grab all the utensils to their right, which includes the spoon, soup spoon, knife and the fork, which supposedly belongs to the person to their right. Either they are too hungry to eat or they are just unaware that forks sit on the left. Just like a domino, the person next to him/her, which is not me, will do the same stupid/funny thing. This leaves me looking for my fork on the other side of the table, which is kind of embarrassing. Does anyone get me? Or did I just blab?

...Nowadays, seeing people hold hands and kiss in public or in TV pulls a sober side in me. Their endearments online also do. Ick.

...Nothing made me smile today.

Pointless post? Told you my mind was a mess.

Happy Holidays, anyway.


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