I am absolutely in love with JGT all over again.

I just watched Inception today. OMG. I am getting old. I can't watch a great movie in time, but I wanted to thanks myself for treating out myself. I stopped writing articles this afternoon for the reason that my back hurt. So, instead, I gave in to movie watching. Yay me.

I don't have time to review the movie, Inception. Maybe next time. My 24 hours is just too short for my every-weekend life. I need more time to blog and write articles. But anyway, I so appreciate the movie. Too bad I didn't watched it with him. If he was a movie, he'll be Inception. It is so him, deep and interesting and so darn smart.

But anyway, back to JGT. I love him more than ever! :D I liked him during the Angels in the Outfield Days. I can still remember the fuzzy warm feeling around my heart everytime I watched the film. Hey, I was young!

I'm infatuated with him in Ten Things About You. So cute. With his dimples and expressions and everything.

I wished I was Summer Finn in 500 Days of Summer, only that I wouldn't leave him.

I was completely, absolutely in love with him in Inception. He was so hot in the gravity action scene. Look at it here and tell me if you think so, too. Now, I wish I was Ariadne, whom he stole a kiss from. See my Tumblr post about it here.

Now, let me sleep and dream tonight. Sedate me. I don't care if I sleep in decades, in three levels, or so. I don't care about the risks. I don't care if I fall into Limbo as long as I'm with JGT. Maybe then, we can build our own little world and grow old together, die and wake up together again. :}


  1. He's cute! :). Try to imagine what you would like your dream would be and it will most likely happen:)

  2. I know, he's too cute. He made my heart melt when I was a kid and did the same thing again when he starred in INception. :D In my dreams, he's mine. Haha.

  3. he is too cute..he's also one of my favorites. I followed you. looking forward to more of your posts. :)

  4. You're so right. :) Thanks for being interested in my posts. I'll be posting more soon.


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