Of super glues and patches

If I were an airbed, I would examine the perimeter around my whole being so utterly that it’s all I do all day just to keep myself functional.

That sums up my today. I woke up at 5 am this morning because my butt has made a crater on my airbed and was touching the floor already. Grump*. I woke up feeling like the gloomy weather.

I went back to the shop and have it fixed. This is the good thing with things that have a lifetime warranty — you can used them until they look like a giant patch. The downside? I don’t get to sleep on my airbed for a solid 24-hour period.

But then again, that’s the good thing with friends. They go with you to the mall, carry your stuff for you and lend their good old foamy bed and sleep on a native mat instead.

The experience that I had today had me thinking: Humans are like airbeds. If something sharp touches the surface and has made a puncture, the air molecules escape the tiny aperture, leaving the air bed dysfunctional, unnecessary and ineffective. However, may we not forget that super glues and patches exist for a reason. If you press hard enough and let the tandem of these two greatest human discoveries be, then you will see that tomorrow, the airbed will still be the same bed that you have slept on the night before — fluffy, noisy, comfortable. A puncture is not an end, but a beginning of a giant, beautiful patch.


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