It's triple oh-nine today, just like it was triple oh-eight last year. The triple eight last year was supposed to be a wedding date of my relative, but something went wrong - the guy realized that the girl he thought he was madly in love with is not the one - and the wedding was off. Devastating, isn't it? Especially when you had your designer gown already glamorously hanging on your walk-in closet. Karma is really a bitch and permits no one to have his/her sweet escape. Not even this certain leader I know about.

I went to school a couple of hours ago and had brought home something interesting to blog about. It was our school paper. It was controversial enough to fan the flames of the supposedly dying issue of the rants of the students about the lousy student council that had reigned over them.

The remarks were just a little fascinating, that is, if you're just a reader. But if you are this certain "president Miss tea" they were writing about, then prepare your tender heart to be smashed, right then and there. It would have been outright outstanding if she had just accepted and respected the opinions of her minions, right? Writing back to a pack of disappointed, annoyed, raged, livid, uninterested subordinates through the freedom wall had just stirred in some more insulting comments and was just plain pathetic, more especially when the grammar is not so pleasing. The board instantly had become an extension of the school editorial. Anyway, A queen wouldn't be a queen without her loyal, inner circle, I believe. So, these royal supporters scribbled thoughts directly stating that an irresponsible editor-in-chief is behind all these, that the EIC, himself had destroyed the once mighty and strong reputation of the college.

I wish to dispute.

How would one peel and orange if there is no fruit in the first place? An unfair world has just proven its vileness once again. No wonder assassins have their fair share of gold tracking down journalists in the real world. In exposing the succulent truth, campus journalists trade their reputation, professional journalists trade their lives.

As for the college today, no more terrible and boring college days. The queen has been dethroned, defeated and destroyed and a king from a different bloodline now reigns the same kingdom. Joy and happiness would be restored. The Mighty reputation will soon be reinstated.

An amusing day has passed. Could it be that identical triple digits offer some magic? Or is it just some of life's masked plays?


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