Immunization Day

Ten days have elapsed since Bimbim's (the white one) supposedly second shot. She should have received her anti-rabies vaccination on the fourth, but we were kinda busy and at the same time, out of budget for our little pup's needs. When the tip of the needle pierced my little baby's skin, she gave out a few shrieks. I am so sorry it has to touch her twice that day. But then, this thing is for her -- to keep her healthy and happy. She needs it more than Boomboom (the one with the red eye. Haven't edited it it! :D) does. Compared to him, she is more animal-like. (As if they are not animals.) What I meant was, she eats everything her paws lay on, from stones to little toys the kids here in the house own. Boomboom is the opposite. I need to plonk a little sample of his food in his mouth before he would start eating. Oops. Did that sound abusive? I do it gently, everyone. Attention is what he needs and he won't eat without attention. He is way tooo sweet. Too sweet that I would like to strangle him sometimes coz he is so cuddly I couldn't help myself. He likes it, no worries.

Anyway, after the trip to their clinic, I would bring them across the street, where this tall man stands all day with his red stripes, oversized shoes and big red nose. You guessed it, haven't you? Mister McDonald, of course. The outside table is our table. It has served as our territory for three times already. They sit and eat their nuggets the way they want to, with rice all over the place. Customers that notice my two lovely dogs would stop for a little while and appreciate these babies, especially the kids. Kids love dogs. With satisfied tummies, we go home and they would sleep for hours.

*The picture was taken inside their clinic, while their vet is happily looking at them.


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