stucked up teenage dream on my adult life

I never owned a blog, though I've got my first bulky HP computer with post paid internet connection when I was eleven. That's one decade and one year ago. Now, I'm twenty two and unemployed.

I can still remember my many cyber firsts.

One of my favorite websites involved real life kids with their real life experiences. It's a place where kids all over the world shared their first kiss experiences. As an eleven-year old girl who reads Sweet Valley Kids, it's a pure sanctuary. I would smile over their stories, imagining the day I get to be a contributor to that site and no longer an inactive guest. I never get to write there though, even after I graduated high school. The lesson I've learned after my teenage years was I shouldn't have read those Sweet Valley stuff. They had poisoned my innocent mind with smooches and it ignited my imagination on this topic. I can still remember some lines from the poem which Elizabeth wrote for Todd during their camp. I would post it here when I find my book. If I haven't read those books, then maybe the hours spent daydreaming about my own first kiss were used for my study time.

Next was the mIRC! I loved it and my primary agenda? Meet boys halfway around the globe form me. As I wait for the connection, my heart keeps bumping and I would even cover my eyes and peek once in a while if the connection is already complete. If I'm there, I would type the heys and the asl pls's. The childish thing and unsecured thing that I did was give away our phone number to some strange man and the scariest thing that happened was that he called. I never answered him. I was so scared of my mom and dad.

My most embarrassing act was when my mom accidentally read my 'horrible' chat session. I didn't noticed she was at my back. It contained some really bad conversation and she got really disappointed. The guy was a jerk and a maniac. It was the only ill, chat that I ever had my entire life. It was purely out of curiosity. Hey, I was a kid!

But I had one 'special someone' in the net when I was a kid. He was a kid, too. from Italy. He was named Lucca Perioni? Or something. We always chat at a certain time. I forgot if it was everyday or what. But we always had clean fun when we chat. I remember one time when we use to pretend we we're cooking spaghetti and feeding each other. Sobrang cheesy! That ended, though, I never heard from him since I stopped being online for a few years. Things we're so much intense in my life that I had to stop superficial going ons in my life. Anyway, my bills skyrocketed to a few thousands and that made me more worried and more undeserving of the pleasures that my dad has offered me.

That was it for my childhood cyber experiences. I was kinda happy I got involved in those things. At least I would know how to handle my kid with the open harassment the vile world has to offer through the internet, aight?

Anyway, this is one step in my so-called life. Another cross out in my to do list before I get married. Another answer to my sighing what-ifs.

I'm blogging.


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