Feedjiting me and other tasks


I can see my face in my live traffic feed everytime I visit my blog. I was so deprived of the net for the past six months that simple tricks like these thrill me much more than expected. Hah.

Just follow the instructions and you'll see your face in your very own Feedjit! See mine?

Anyways, I am up to a lot of things. Job applications. Scanning documents. And adult stuff. My moolah is running low, too. Darn. Can't wait to have my first job. I have to buy food for my dogs. Yeah, I would battle the heat of the noonday sun for them. My other problem rooted from my being impulsive at times and one of these times was yesterday when I was supposed to be ONLY checking my mail when I saw the sublect "still for taking" from a company that I write for. I confirmed the assignment, realizing (after receiving their reply, telling me I've won the project) that I don't have any interest on the topic. Moreover, I need to have this certain book as a reference and what I am doing now is searching for it and trying to download it. The deadline's Monday next week, anyway and I might as well chill in the Global Pinoy Center and work there. Aight?


I need graces.


  1. yeah, I just saw yours on my feedjit.. so really does show.. nice feature!

    by the way, I added you in my facebook and also on your Google Friend Connect/Followers. Happy Monday!



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