Post Board

The only sustaining thought that has helped me through the hell-like six-month review was my life after the so-called board exam. And I'm living in it right here. Right now.

Sipping my free iced tea.

               Chatting with friends online.

     A cozy seat here in Global Pinoy.

                           A nice trip to their bathroom, containing spicy pink liquid handwash, body moisturizer, and hand sanitizer. And the room lit by the dramatic cylinder light.

Am I really a professional now??

I tried to look the part by wearing the white blouse I wore during the second day of our board examination, black skinny jeans and my chunky pink-and-gold sandals. Lolz. The only thing that I did was have my picture taken here in Digiprint. By the way, I think the quality of their pictures has degraded. The color is kinda dull, and my head looked big. He took my picture a little too close.

Going to PRC is supposedly my next agenda, but I think I'm going to blow it off. Slack a little. It wouldn't hurt. I'm going to spend my afternoon here in this little piece of heaven Mitchie, one of the UNGAS (my high school barkada) has opened to me. I couldn't thank you enough. I'm going to go here everyday and consume one glass of iced tea while surfing the net for stuff. Stuff like facebook and nice blogs and job ads.


Job ads. Yes, I am unemployed still. For a year now. But hey, I just finished my board exam and the official task that I have accomplished ever since my graduation and my year-late thesis is the four letters and a point before my name. Yeah, you can now call me Engr. Aiza P. Coronado. But still I am jobless and I'm on the hunt -- on the net. Which explains my being here.

Can't wait to earn! amph.


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