A Retro Resto

The clock says it's some minutes past one, yet we were headed to a place for food. It's a little late for lunch and very early for some afternoon munching.
He told me he knew this place. A simple one. Nothing fancy. So I lowered down my expectations, a little happy since *whisper* I'm low in moolah. We hopped off the jeepney a block before Chinese Commercial School. Passed by amused people dining in Jollibee. Passed by Unitop and a couple of bakeries. Before I can even ask, he signaled for me to come in for we've arrived.
He was right, you could almost not notice that a burger joint exists at that corner. Oh, okay, I thought, until the details caught my attention. Framed Broadway posters ranging from Les Miserables to Wicked (the book with the lime green edges) surround the place. A bar sits beside the cashier.
I had a cheeseburger with mustard and he had a double patty with All the Works, which entails an additional lettuce and tomatoes in your burger. The burger prices ranged from Php 30 to Php 65. An additional mustard and All the Works will cost you an additional Php 3.00.
Too bad they don't have fries. Burger without fries is like lipgloss without the gloss. This resto could make it big. What other places here in Iloilo city offers a 1960's feel? If only they could push some advertising, then I bet they could make it big. And one thing that I can suggest if they really want attention -- make the waitresses dress as pin-up girls.
And I guess their popularity would soon grow. Some Ilonggo bloggers have already featured them to my surprise. I tried searching the net for Glor's and here are two blogs that wrote about their humble burgers.
I happen to know the owner(s) of this other blog. One of them is my high school classmate and the other two are classmates of my boyfriend.

Goodluck to Glor's!


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