My Horoscope says..

I really don't put an effort on reading my horoscope for the day or know what's my lucky number or color. Sometimes, I just receive them on my cellphone without having to sign up on anything. I receive them from my mother who reads my horoscope for the day on the newspaper that is laid out on their office table. I just think that my horoscope for today jives with what is happening in my life. For Arians like me, here is what the universe has to tell us:

Start thinking why you deserve to be successful, well respected and well paid. When you have the answers to these questions on the tip of your tongue, things start to align to move up in the professional world. 

I got this on the day that I got deployed to my team, was assigned my first project and was allowed to go home for the holidays. Am I lucky or what? But they say, stress starts today. And tonight, right now actually, I am going to go through my first project. So, may the luck always be with me. ;)


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