How The Controversial Pair That's Us Was Made

Dear the boyfriend,

It was during one of those classroom activities in Physics under our favorite and amazing teacher when I first realized that you and I equates to perfection. As the activity progresses, I just have found out that you are such a smart ass who can make the high school uniform look cute with your perfectly healthy shining black hair. Your ideas plus mine is genius. And I thought we were conceived to compliment each other.

I liked you too much back in sophomore year, but there are just too many girls that flirt with you and I never dare to try to be one of them because you wouldn't see me as a distinct dame if I do. One of my bestfriends told me you like me and I didn't care because you are you and you are just an unemotional jug which would remain calm and still in most situations. When we had our prom, you sent me as SMS asking who my date is, but you never asked me to be your date. I was waiting, but never expecting because I know your moves. Do you still remember that particular round table in the hotel where we sat during prom practice? Where we talked about our crushes that is not each other. I told I like a certain guy and you told me you like another girl when we were kind of flirting with each other while doing the talk since we were isolated from our other classmates. It's only you and me in the table and I was quite sure that the others have noticed that. But you went with my girl friend who asked you out.

There was a particular time when I used to dream about you for consecutive nights. I really can't comprehend the reason behind this strange phenomena, but it's just one of the two: either I think of you too much or you think of me too much. And when I cleaned up my old folders one day, I saw a folded paper on which childhood love paper games where written. Numbers were written with corresponding names. I saw your name in my own handwriting at number 2. And the corresponding meaning of that number was labeled future boyfriend. I find it amusing how mediocre things come to life. Maybe it was just the universe making you attracted to me or maybe it's simply me who's attracting you, given my fair beauty. *haha*

Though there were no nothing in high school, I knew you have something for me. It was during those reunion nights when we were in college that has concluded all those pieces of evidences. When we were in the swimming pool, when I was enjoying the water on my own, you interrupted me and grabbed me by the wrist and gently pulled me towards you towards the deeper part of the water. And you expect me to drown and doggy swim to you. Or were you expecting some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? I am sorry to burst your bubble, but I have taken swimming lessons back when I was five. And when we played cards on our friend's birthday party, it was just you and me left on that card game which requires some hand interaction. I am sure you have planned that so well. When we went home from reunion one night, we were sitting on the jeepney, one man apart for 3/4 of the whole journey. Then, as cued, the man went off the jeepney and your eyes sparkled. And you walked with me on the perimeter of the plaza without a single word. Err? It was that night that started it all. You sent me a text message intended for out other classmate. When I haven't replied, you sent an apology text. It was followed by other text messages that lead on to something else. Unlimited texting is not yet a trend those days, so I have to spend one peso for texting you. And so do you.

That was our love story, five years in the making. Five years of flirtatious acts. Five years of silence. I kind of like that. Now, we're another five years stronger. And it'll be followed by another five years of distance, but all those years would want me to keep waiting for you and only you because it's only you that can make me me.

Love, love and more love,
the girlfriend 


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