Of being happy being chaotic

Successful people have been engaging with things that they are passionate about. By successful, I mean all the categories -- financial, emotional, physical, and all the other als. And so I'm thinking, since I am so passionate about blogging and cute pictures, do I need to give up my job as an Electronics Engineer?

It's not that I don't like my job. I just feel that I need variety in my life in order to function well. I am a boring person who gets easily bored with monotony, which is quite conflicting as boring persons should not get bored because they are the boredom in flesh. Whatever. There are so many points that eat their well-deserved portions in my brain right now that this post would end up being scattered, another lost post by yours truly. The chaos is simply the effect of suppressed blog entries, wasted time in my work, and article deadlines. My life is truly barren right now. I work. Go home. Write articles. Sleep. And on weekends, I go home to my aunts and cousins and still work my ass off with articles. As the boyfriend would say, don't risk your health over some cents. Hah, wait and see because I'm going to be rich someday because of my blogs. It's like my ultimate dream ever since forever.

With my present life, I am quite happy. But I'll be happier if I can shop next week for the washed out jeans and some pink undergarment, and buy a Nokia C6 and a GE X5 this Christmas. Am I selfish? Or am I selfish? 


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