Much Ado About Everything

Hi there.

Today I am INSPIRED. :]

The time after work is definitely not enough for blogging. Now that I have four (yes, four) blogs, I am more productive. I feel the urge to fill each blog with fresh content everyday. But that I can't do. It's midnight and I need to sleep, but I just want to jot down my accomplishments for the past days.

  • I bought three books from Booksale. I'm going to give one to my aunt as a late birthday present.
  • I started a new blog! It's my writing blog. It's named 'Fiercer Bait. I am going to put everything witty in it. This is exciting.
  • I e-mailed Mr. Jomar Hilario and sent him my blog links. He replied after a few minutes telling me my blogs look nice, but he said I should do more blogs to earn more. 
  • I added a link of my article, Confession of a Bratty Girlfriend, to my SU (StumbleUpon), and it earned more than 20 views in a few minutes! I was surprised. I have to thank Macherie.
  • I did a tricky post about word play. I'm gonna share it with you as soon as it gets published in Triond.
However, I got a few things on my mind. I need to write about a lot of things for Triond, Factoidz and my blogs, but I lack time. I'm gonna list em down for future reference.

  • Blog about my birthday gifts. Yes, I did receive several and I lovee 'em all.
  • Blog about my recently-bought books.
  • Ask BookSneeze about my requested book. 
  • Follow up articles about Friendster in Triond and Factoidz.
And tomorrow, I have to:

  • Have used clothes washed.
  • Wash my personal garments. 
  • Clean my room. 
  • Sleep because I'll go to work on Saturday.
And right now, I have to:

  • Sleep.
;] Nite!

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