A Pink Party For Me

In less than two days, I will be twenty.four. Yes, twenty four, but there are still many stuff that I want to do. I'm in my mid-20's. Uh-oh. Time has been quick and I haven't done the things that I want to do because of this and that. 

However, from now on, I will always remember these things:

It's never too late to become the person that I want to be.
It's never too expensive to buy the gadgets that I 40% need, 60% want.
It's never too impossible to earn online through writing and blogging.

LOL. Seriously, though. I am giving myself this list to accomplish. It's actually a random list and maybe I can slash them all out in several months. I should update my 43 things already. These acts would make me a better person, make me more fulfilled and happy.

  1. Slim down.
  2. Visit Vigan.
  3. Grow my hair. Treat it well.
  4. Apply for a credit card.
  5. Continue reading the bible.
  6. Be a whole lot nicer.
  7. Control anger.
  8. Buy books from book sales. And read them.
  9. Find a house for me, mom and the dogs.
  10. Let them live with me ASAP.
  11. Try not to be torpid.
  12. Take beautiful pictures.
  13. Buy a new phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace).
  14. Buy RAM for my laptop.
  15. Buy external hard disk.
  16. Take my day work more seriously.
  17. Write more.
  18. Earn more online. And build passive income.
  19. Snorkel.
  20. Take my dog niche blog seriously.
  21. Go out more often.
  22. Party at least once a month.
  23. Try to be a little less torpid.
  24. Confess my sins.
  25. Extend help whenever possible.
*Cheers* The 16th gotta be good. 

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