Of Popsicles and Bright Hues

Before I start ranting, let me say that I absolutely adore the girls's bathing suit. Classic.

Now, I am ready to rant. Synopsis:

I'm a free-spirit trapped in a technical world. :(

I don't know. Work kinda sucked today. I keep on repeating and repeating the things that I do because I still do see some mistakes. I have already undergone two reviews about it and yet, I still see that something's wrong. I don't know why I can't have inputs during my project review.

Sometimes, I do kind of envy the other groups. They do have a support system. They do have senior engineers who can scrutinize the work of the younger ones. I am a newbie in my job, and sometimes, the problem that keeps on bugging my work is so simple and there's no one to help me identify what it is. We are mostly newbies in my group. The ones with experience are well, busy.

Hope tomorrow is going to be different from today. Hope my design will work. Hope I can have a final design by tomorrow. It's only 9:37 and I feel like sleeping. I used to stay up until twelve. But tonight, my brain's too full to handle another minute being awake and drifting thoughts to my work.

I do love my job, it's my dream job when I was in college. However, I have this other side of me that wants to go out. The other me who loves writing, blogging, taking photographs, weaving words and appreciating life.  I want to travel, take pictures and blog about them. Do things and write about them. Love and shout it out to the world.

Sometimes, I'm asking myself why can't I just become a plain housewife. One who takes care of the children and the dogs, shop, takes care of her family, hangs out with girlfriends, cook for her man, kiss her husband, date with her husband  and work online. Well, maybe because I'm still single and has no plans of getting married for the next two years.

All I want is a simple life. One that's full of colors and ice cream, of summer and love (just like in the photo above). I want a simple life where I can chuckle every single day.

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