Random Tuesday Thoughts

I was unproductive at work today because of dysmenorrhea attacks. Anyway, I don't have a concrete topic for my day today, so I might as well do the Dame's Bullet. Here we go.

  • Your weight gain can be maliciously observed through scanning your facebook profile pictures. I loathe my pictures two years ago, when my arms are slimmer and my face, more angled. 
  • When you have your period, you sense of smell becomes more sensitive. I hated the way the canteen smelled this afternoon. 
  • Always stock a pack of napkins in your office drawer. Because of your busy social life, never-ending office dilemmas and awesome blogging life, you tend to forget that there's an egg-cell discharging activity up for this week.
  • Denim jackets retain the cold within them, making you feel the cold that is in your surrounding air. And this is worse, when you have your period, because apparently, your sensations are more sensitive.
  • Some of my elementary schoolmates, those years younger than me, are having a baby and I'm still like this teenager who takes blogging as her current major life activity. 
  • If you want to generate more traffic into your site, you have to find a support group that caters to your blog's interest. Like for instance, I did a Magpie Tale on my `Fiercer Bait and my blog post, Dusty, but Golden yielded 7 comments. *joy*

  • I have BIG dreams in my online writing ventures, it keeps me on my toes. Everyday.
  • I kinda miss the boyfriend. Hmmm. I don't know why. Still have twenty more months to go. :((( His mom send me squid from their hometown. I really appreciate it. Squid rings are my favorite! :))

  • I joined the Yahoo! Contributor Networks today. I am hoping that I would be published and build a brand. :D Yes, I do want to find my audience. 
Join the Yahoo! Contributor Network

  • Now, I want to snooze. But I want to watch a movie and read a book. Twenty four hours is not enough for my day plans. (Sigh.) For now, I choose sleep.

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