Tag, you're it!

Just arrived from my first ever summer adventure: Mt. Pinatubo Trekking! (Coz I'm boring like that. It's already May and it's still my first.) I'll, of course, do a separate blog post about it. Patiently wait, please. Anyway, April tagged me. I'm supposed to do some notes and have to abide with these rules:

  • Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
  • You have to choose and tag ten people.
  • Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
  • No tag backs.
  • Have Fun.

Here we go.
  1. I'm an only child, only daughter and most people will think that I am a brat. Maybe this explains my anti-social attitude sometimes. I have to have a day-alone-with-myself-laptop-and-the-internet weekend.
  2. I'm in my twenties and near the peak of my life. When I turned my age last April, I realized that I haven't done much in my life, so since that day (the sixteenth), I pledged to myself I'm going to give in to some of the desires -- travelling, blogging and shopping.
  3. I am absolutely loving my move to rekindle with an old affair -- writing. I blog, write here and there. I register here and there just to write. And it makes me happy. You can visit my Triond and Factoidz and sign up as a Yahoo! Contributor Network member. I am hoping that one of my essays/write-ups will be published on YCN soon. *cross fingers*
  4. I'm also reuniting with an old love -- reading. Lately, I found my feet leading me to BookSales and I spend minutes to an hour in there, digging for something good to read. I need to read a couple of lines, just to have an idea of writer's style. From there, I'll decide whether I'll like the book, or not.
  5. I'm suddenly a self-proclaimed Little Miss Adventure Seeker, not that I've been into many treks, it' because I had gracefully went down Mt. Pinatubo in a breeze. Maybe it's because of the Gatorade, or my muscle memory is plainly fabulous. Or maybe because somebody else carried my backpack for me. Lol.
  6. I'm a die-hard fan of dogs. I made this blog, Mutts are Love and I'm still in the process of making it the next big thing in the doggy world. I looove dogs. Aside from their cuteness, I'd like to commend them for teaching me valuable life lessons. Get a dog and you'll know what I mean.
  7. Earning online has been a long-time goal. I already did earn online, knew a little more than too much about Paypal (because I've had problems with them and was psychotic when I found out.). I've been into article writing, but left that path because I discovered I hated writing about topics that are non-appealing to me. Thus, I joined Triond, Factoidz and the YCN. I also have a Wikinut and Bukisa account, but haven't lingered on them. You can know more of my online adventures in my earning online blog.
  8. Long-distance relationships is one of my current favorite drama. And I like to write about since I am in one and am a firm believer of the set-up. Because when you found that somebody, you just can't imagine yourself kissing somebody else. So even if he's miles away, you'd want to keep the relationship. Just like the lines in Leighton Meester's song, "My heart is set on you, I don't want no one else."
  9. I recently discovered the art of reading the Bible. I wanted to read it from cover to cover, but haven't done it. So, when I bought my personal purple Bible, I had a jumpstart on that goal. However, mom wanted said the Bible would be perfect whenever she's going to attend their prayer meetings, so I gave it to her. So, now, I am Bible less, but I'll buy the same kind, in a different color maybe, and Php100 cheaper. Yay. I saw it in the mall in a different store a few weeks ago. So, Ima buy one on my payday.
  10. I love meeting online friends. Not that my offline friends aren't worth talking too. There's something about reading somebody online. It's like they're peeling the real-life shell/barrier and showing off their true emotions to the world. I always like blogs, they show the true emotions that one has in his/her heart. I'm always a better writer than a speaker. I'm more comfortable telling my words through writing. That's why when someone comments on my blog posts, I'm really happy that someone has connected with my thoughts.
Thanks for tagging me, April. Saving me from a writer's block, huh? Kidding. So, Ima pass the tag to Sey, Mayen, blackshirt13, Nadette, Manileña Mom and Apple. Lovely girls. :)

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