A Cycling Emotion

It's been hours (or a day) since the boyf messaged me. So, I was like:

So, I surfed.
Checked my blog stats.
Checked my online earnings. (to my dismay)
Logged into my fb.
Changed my status into:

If I don't write to empty my mind,
I go mad.
-Lord Byron
Somebody commented on it.
it was the boyf!

Don't bother reading it.
You wouldn't understand it --
It's a mix of English and Ilonggo (our native language).
Yeah, it was short (and not sweet), but

Not too much though. A little contained smile was what I managed. :}

And this got me into thinking,

Pft, corny? I know. 
Unbelievable? To some.
Am I only convincing myself? Nah.
Discouraged? By many.
But am I? Not.

It's just that
(scratch the word, Remember to make the grammar correct. And oh, omit the "that" in the picture.)

If one day, all these wouldn't have a desirable conclusion, then I'll let things be.
It'll just be like that.

But for now, I know I'm still in the same boat as he is. 

Please don't fall in love with someone else. Please don't have somebody waiting for you.
^I'll keep this in mind,  babe.

And when this night turns into day, I'll feel what the first picture speaks again. 

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