A Curly Transition

Last Thursday, I decided to do some major restructuring of my life through well, my physical attributes. Thanks to the boyf for this. It's his gift for no apparent reason.

Anyway, I went alone to the mall. Grabbed lunch at Greenwich since I missed the onion rings and the orangey java rice. Don't you know that the colors red and orange increases our appetite? That would explain my savory reactions towards cheese popcorn and strawberries.

These things have kept me company while I waited for my order. This is what I love about Greenwich -- the onion rings and the free magazines.

A friend, A texted me and though I was planning to go through this day alone, I let him join me. I decided to put aside the semi-rift that I had with him the day before. Well, I didn't like what he said and how he said it, but everyone is titled to their own opinion and I can let that go. But I can, always, remember what they have said. But I don't hold grudges, I just remember. Lol.

After lunch, I headed to Western Union to you-know-what. Then, I went to every parlor inside the mall to ask about their rebonding services and rates. I asked a receptionist of a certain parlor and here is how the conversation went:

Me: Hi, magkano po ba yung mga hair treatment/services niyo?
Her: *Chuckled* Madami po kaming hair treatment eh. *Muttering under her breath: Kailangan ko bang isa-isahin yun?
Me: *Stared at her* Ah yung appropriate po sana sa hair ko.
Her: Ah, gusto niyo pong i try yung bagong --- blah2..

I was turned off by the lousy greeting, so I smiled and said I have to go. I have managed to ask how much their rebonding service costs though. After surveying all parlors in the mall, I decided to go to Tony and Jackey Salon. I have read several positive reviews of fellow bloggers so I was excited to try it out myself!

As soon as a Filipina staff lead me to the sofa to talk about my desired treatment, I felt happy since I loved the warm welcome, detailed service introductions and suggested promo combinations. I have chosen to do a Loreal Hair Extenso Rebonding plus a Keratin Treatment to prepare my hair for the harmful chemicals. And I was thankful A was with me, I would have shrinked if I did that all by myself.

Finally, I am going to have beautiful hair! I said to myself. I never had a rebond before, only a relax and it went okay. My hair nearly got into trouble, but that's a different story.

Before anything else, they had my hair shampooed and everything and upon  meeting my Korean stylist, the plans have changed. I felt my spirit dampen. I cannot have a rebond since I have shoulder length hair. I had a haircut last week. See.

My Korean stylist, Miss M, told me I can have a rebond, however, the tips will fly away since my hair length is not ideal. So, that expensive rebonding will just go to waste. So, she suggested that I curl the ends instead. I, being my spontaneous self, gave her permission to do whatever to my hair. I trusted her since she looks like a real stylist in her sequined, short black dress.

She asked if I want bangs, and I excitedly said yes, but she reminded me that I have to blow dry my hair everyday if I have bangs. She saw my smile melt, so she said she's going to do some little cuts instead. I gave in to her, I suppose, wise ideas.

The entire hair treatment lasted for about 5 hours. It was a looong day. I had my hair shampooed and blowdried alternately for like 5 times. I had alien-looking parlor equipment hold my hair. But during this 5 hours, I have never felt an itch on my scalp, shallow pain due to harsh hairbrushing and other parlor nightmares. I loved the entire experience. I had photos inside the salon and I'll include them later. I have to get it from A. And one is on my phone, but I am kind of lazy to transfer it right now.

Anyway, here is the end result:

I looked fatter. Haha. And I was not used to my aura/look after looking at myself at the mirror. But the boyf said he loved it. I can tell with his smile. :} A new hair style can do wonders. It renews you. Love the after-salon feeling. Bad news is I have to wake up earlier everyday to fix and dry my hair. Speaking of, I have to find my blow drier. So, nite! :} 

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