Lunch at the Old Spaghetti House

It was during my day off that mom and I went to Mall of Asia. She wasn't able to go visit the place since it was built, so I wanted her to see it. Walking on the cobblestone path, our head turned from right to left for a perfect place for lunch. Well, it was a late lunch since it's already 3PM and I can already sense the dizziness-due-to-hunger in my head.

Then, I dragged her to The Old Spaghetti House -- love the vintage feel and the fancy details that I can view through the crystal glass from where we are.

The place is just enough. It can only hold no more than twenty tables, but it didn't look crowded because of the mirror placed on the aisle walls. 


We were so hungry that picking out from the menu deemed a difficult one. I wanted to have their Trio Treats, but I need rice. So, we just had their rice meals.

Mom ordered a Pan Grilled Glazed Chicken with Java Rice, a Kid's Choice and something new from their menu. The chicken was deliciously tender. How did I know? I asked for a little slice from her. :}

I had the Skillet BBQ Porkchop, which tasted great. And the vegies were crunchy, just what mom likes her vegies to be. 


We had milkshakes. Strawberry for my mom and vanilla for me. I love the texture and the way the flavor played with my tastebuds. Nothing too sweet.

There's our meal, ready to be eaten.


The wall near the ceiling of The Old Spaghetti House in MOA has vintage decorations pinned on them. Old clocks, golden roosters, vintage posters, and the old version of CD's. What is the latter called again?

The wooden wall decor reminds me of an old country home. And the small bricks, too. 

A simple logo for a homey restaurant. Their place mat was actually a plain paper, which I would have used as my exam paper back when I was in college. Simplicity can actually make something more elegant, eh.


And, oh, here's the shot that I'll never miss when visiting restaurants. A classic sign, which triggers images of old English men in black suits and women in curvy corsets in my head.


We say,

5 out of 5 sporks 

What the dame liked best: The tenderness in the meat
What the dame disliked: The waiter switched our orders, but mom and I gave each other half of what we had.

To be fair, the service crew were warm and accommodating. The switch was not a big deal at all.

The  Old Spaghetti House
Unit 1153 Main Bldg.
SM MOA Complex
tel: 846-7863

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