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Hey, lovelies! :)

[currently listening to: 90's music 89.9 FM. Feels like I'm in my elem days again!]

My room is a mess, but I am happy tonight. Why? Because I can finally strike out one of my dream things item. I finally bought a new phone -- Samsung Wave 525!

And I am happy with my purchase. I highly recommend this phone. I bought it for only Php6,790 at Fone Style. And had an additional 4GB memory card for only 400. I would have bought the 800GB for Php700, but they don't have an available stock. Tsk.

I made a survey of the Samsung Wave 525 price on all the stores in the mall days before I made the purchase. Yes, I did. And of course, I bought the phone from the store that sells it for the cheapest price. They offer a 1 year warranty, so there's nothing to worry about.

Umm, I wanted to do a manual Life List here in my blog, but I am feeling lazy. So, I'll still integrate my 43 things in one of my blog pages. Doncha think? ;} Besides, I do have a separate life list in my blue corrugated notebook. Striking out an achieved task using a pen has a different feeling of satisfaction.

This is the online version of striking out a task:

1. buy a new phone (Nokia C6) this Christmas!

That was the original goal, but it's 8 months late and it's not a C6, it's something better. So goals delayed can be a blessing. :)

And oh, another dream done:

Well, technically, it is different since I didn't applied for that bid. The advertiser actually offered the task through Sponsored Reviews. Here's the payment proof. ;} Earning online has been a past time. I need the extra money for the transport of my dogs from my hometown to my work town and for some other reasons. xD

For now, I have to do some other online stuff. Nite, guys.

Hope you are having a good time, too,
Miss C

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